Josh Gordon relapsed after brother’s death

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Josh Gordon has applied for reinstatement, seeking another chance to return to the NFL. The receiver played six games for the Patriots and five for the Seahawks last season before violating both the substance abuse and performance-enhancing drug policies.

The NFL indefinitely suspended Gordon last December, the fifth time he has served a suspension.

Gordon’s attorney offered an explanation to Tom Pelissero of NFL Media, saying the death of Gordon’s brother last November led to the player’s relapse.

“Josh had a lapse because of his brother’s death,” Adam Kenner told Pelissero. “But since that time, he has realized how important it is for him to take the right steps, do what’s proper and understand how to manage these issues. He’s installed the right team around him to make sure he’s on the right path. He understands he’s been given every chance. He looks forward to making the most of this.”

Teams have heard those words before regarding Gordon, and Gordon will face skepticism about his ability to remain on the field until he does it. But one thing is for sure: Gordon is running out of chances.

12 responses to “Josh Gordon relapsed after brother’s death

  1. He wouldn’t remain in the league long. I hope he gets another chance, but can’t see it ending well…………

    If he can just keep on the straight and narrow for a few years, it will be great for him, his family, his friends, the NFL and the team he plays for……..

    Go Seahawks.

  2. But one thing is for sure: Gordon is running out of chances.

    I don’t know about that…..

  3. If he is a mess, he should be in inpatient treatment, if not….who cares. This country is still hung up on the D.A.R.E. Nancy Reagan era where if you ingest anything, you are scum.

  4. I agree that players should not get suspended for weed. However, showing up and being reliable are the two basic requirements of any job. He can’t seem to do that, weed or otherwise. Gordon had a great setup in New England and still blew it.

    I hope he figures things out before it’s really too late.

  5. All this noise over smoking some weed! Hey, it was legal in Seattle when he smoked! Get over it!

  6. Dude could have been the greatest of all time.. what he did that one season with Weeden as his QB while admittedly playing drunk and high was nothing short of legendary.

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