Juan Castillo vows Bears’ offensive line will outwork everyone

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New Bears offensive line coach Juan Castillo says there’s nothing fancy about the way he’s going to overhaul the line.

Castillo said his previous experience working with head coach Matt Nagy in Philadelphia showed Nagy exactly what he needs to know: It’s all about hard work.

“I think what coach saw in me is that I’m an overachiever,” Castillo said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “I work hard. My parents are from Mexico. I’m the first generation [born in the U.S.], so I only know one way, and my thing with my players is, I try to lead by example. My guys are going to outwork everybody. And if they’re going to outwork everybody, then I have to do that.”

Castillo is confident that he can make the Bears better by bringing them back to basics.

“It’s about fundamentals, man,” Castillo said. “It’s about doing it over and over and over and over. . . . That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about plays. It’s about fundamentals. Because a lot of people teach the same thing, but it’s about coming across, so you can get the job done.”

The Bears need Castillo and his linemen to get the job done, or else bigger changes may be coming next year.

6 responses to “Juan Castillo vows Bears’ offensive line will outwork everyone

  1. As a Bears fan, I hope he makes it work because they were terrible last year and not even that good the year before when they made the playoffs. As critical as I have been of Nagy’s offense, I do wonder how much the poor O-line play has contributed to the lack of success for that arena league philosophy of his. I know it contributes to Trubisky’s struggles amid if they don’t fix the line play, Foles won’t be any better. Hard to scan the field when your second step on a pass is laterally because the d-line is already back there with you.

  2. So who will get injured first? Cohen, Mitch, or Foles. That line is hot garbage but that is what happens when you spend draft picks on crappy players and mostly focus on defense. Bears will be in the basement this year. There will be a house cleaning before the end of the year (if there is one).

  3. I can work harder than anyone and still not be as good at the task as others. Talent + hard work trumps hard work alone. The Bears’ offensive line lacks talent (in comparison to other NFL players). I don’t doubt that they work hard. They just are not as good as their competition. I don’t think an enthusiastic coach will change that. An overhaul of the personnel at the positions is what is needed.

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