Kyler Murray foots the bill for a 21-player gathering in Dallas

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, the 2019 offensive rookie of the year, wants to take it to the next level in 2020. And he’s willing to write the check that will help lay the foundation for it.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Murray has invited 20 teammates to Dallas for workout sessions that will run from Sunday to Wednesday. Murray is paying for the entire event, from travel to lodging to food. It will cost him more than $40,000.

He invited all quarterbacks (four, including him), running backs (four), receivers (nine), and tight ends (four) for a series of on-field sessions and team-building exercises, including bowling and an outing to Top Golf. All 20 teammates accepted the invitation.

Murray made all the arrangements, from flight to hotels to dinners to activities. They’ll use a pair of practice fields, and they plan to be cognizant of physical-distancing requirements while working out and all related events.

With no in-person offseason program, it’s a way for the Cardinals’ skill-position to get ready for the 2020 season by working on plays and spending time together. And it’s more proof that Murray has what it takes to become a short-list franchise quarterback.

29 responses to “Kyler Murray foots the bill for a 21-player gathering in Dallas

  1. He is acting as a leader. It is a good sign for the Cardinals. I wonder how much Fitz prompted him. 40K for someone who will be earning 10M over 4 years is noise. Hope for the Redbirds!

  2. This is really encouraging. I’m guessing teams are forbidden from doing this by rules, so he did it himself. Why aren’t all leaders on both sides of the ball doing this for each club?

  3. Under normal circumstances, I’d applaud what Murray did. But during this pandemic, I think that he’s putting his best players at risk.

  4. Huh, usually the M.O. is to find a rookie and stick him with the bill, then bail. Good for Murray for not following lame traditions.

  5. “Bowling? How the heck do you socially distance bowling with 20 people?”

    You don’t. Murray was paying lip service to the reporter.

  6. I’d get all up in arms about the pandemic etc but here in NJ where the Govenor, who is undergoing chemotherapy, actively participates inprotests with thousands of people arm in arm but sues to stop loved ones from burying their lost and kids graduating ceramonies… I’ve got more important idiots to worry about

  7. This is leadership in it’s most obvious form. This will not be forgotten if and when the NFL starts playing. Don’t be surprised if a lot of players reimburse him too.

  8. footballinla says:
    June 18, 2020 at 12:24 pm
    Josh Jacobs should’ve been the rookie of the year and Im not a Raiders fan.

    Clearly then you don’t know what you’re talking about. Murray took over an offense that was historically bad just one year before and was excellent setting multiple rookie records. Murray took an offense that was the NFLs worst in 2018 and had them ranking 16th overall in PPG, 2nd/DVOA rushing AVG the most YDS per carry as a unit in the NFL AVG 5.4YPC per rush and they were 13th passing/DVOA.
    Murray himself was only the 2nd rookie QB in league history and only the 5th EVER to post 3700+YDs passing and 500+YDs rushing as a rookie, ranked 14th in ESPN’s QBR, ranked as the best deep ball passer in the NFL via Football Outsiders & ranked 5th on PFF’s list, top 10 in Big Time throws, ranked 8th in expected completion percentage which accounts for drops, first rookie QB since Andrew Luck to post a passer rating of 90+ in 7 different games all while playing a murderers row of defenses as a rookie inside arguably the toughest division in football as a ROOKIE behind a bad offensive line, almost beat SF twice and would of if his defense had been just average as QB Kyler Murray was the ONLY NFL QB to post a passer rating of at least 100+ not once but TWICE against SF’s elite defense as Murray had 5TDs-0INTs completing 70% of his passes with a QB Passer Rating of 116 in those two games against SF and had multiple big wins including beating SEA in SEA. O and Murray not only won rookie of the year but also a Pro Bowl nod as an alternate as a rookie in year 1.
    There is no way a freaking RB who’s job was no where near as hard as Murray’s was should of won OROY. To anyone with a working brain with the ability to think critically that makes ZERO sense.

  9. That is what a leader does. Glad to see Kyler Murray is taking control of his team and bringing them in to get ready for the 2020 season, that kid is going to take off in a BIG way in 2020. With all of the skill position talent on that roster paired up with Murray at QB Arizona should have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL in 2020.

  10. Wow awesome move by a young leader. Good thing Arians is not there to ruin him.

  11. sorry, very irresponsible. To have 21 guys crammed into 1 or 2 rooms for 4 days at a time? surprised the governor of Texas is even allowing this. That hotel needs to be shut down for months now just for cleaning.Is he going to foot the bill for that cleaning too?

  12. I think it’s a smart investment of some of that giant salary he’s making. These aren’t contact drills. They won’t be swapping sweat. Theoretically they can wear masks and gloves while they do pretty much everything.

    The big question is, how much social distancing will they really practice? What type of PPE will they wear to reduce contact? If one of them is sick and doesn’t know it, they’ll all be hurting.

  13. Football is more important than some little old COVID.

    Today’s death count: 117,717

    No cure, no treatment,novaccine, no leadership

    but ya know, football.

  14. I get angry about players acting like children that don’t know any better.

    I want to watch football…THIS YEAR. Moves, like Murray’s, will make it almost impossible.

  15. He must have fallen asleep during the financial education portion of the Rookie Transition Program. He will eventually end up broke.

  16. Is that the same oppressed Kyler Murry who feels compelled to kneel for the national anthem? Who knew that a guy scraping to get by on an 8-figure contract could afford to do such a thing.

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