NFL Network, NFL RedZone dropped from DISH Network, Sling TV

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Late Thursday night, subscribers to the DISH Network were no longer able to get the NFL Network or NFL RedZone as a part of the subscription packages.

The NFL put out a release shortly after the networks went dark on DISH providers saying they’re still working on an agreement for continued carriage of their two products on the network.

“As of 9 pm ET NFL Network and NFL RedZone are no longer available to DISH and Sling TV subscribers,” the league said in the release. “While NFL Media remains committed to negotiating an agreement and has offered terms consistent with those in place with other distributors, DISH has not agreed.​”

If the NFL season goes off as scheduled, the absence of the network on the DISH platform would mean subscribers would miss broadcasts of the league’s 65 preseason games and numerous regular season contests on Thursday nights and Saturdays. It would also mean the inability to view RedZone on the 17 regular season Sundays for the league as well.

“We are working with the NFL to continue carrying their channels. Our goal is to reach a fair agreement, bringing NFL channels back before the season begins so that fans don’t miss any live sports action,” said Andy LeCuyer, SVP of Progamming for DISH in a statement.

The two sides have approximately seven weeks until preseason games are scheduled to get underway to sort an agreement out. The league could ultimately cut the preseason in half if coronavirus concerns delay the start of training camp and the Hall of Fame game is unlikely to be played already as well. For now, DISH subscribers will be missing out of the network’s daily shows only.

16 responses to “NFL Network, NFL RedZone dropped from DISH Network, Sling TV

  1. This seems like just another year for Dish network. They seem to have a beef with every network. I’m glad I dropped them years ago!

  2. The politics are ruining businesses. It’s not about sports nowadays, much like ESPN. If you think the time slots are bad now, wait until these cable providers cancel NFL Network and NFL RedZone completely.

  3. Does anybody actually watch the NFL network other than during the draft and for the handful of games?

  4. Dish is overpriced. I switched to YouTube tv last year after dish had a dispute with CBS, I wasn’t about to miss the Chiefs SB run so Dish lost a 15 year customer.

  5. They only reason I ever give Sling TV any money is 7 months a year for the NFL. I wish them the best of luck without it.

  6. The NFL network has SO many disputes with so many different channel providers it’s ridiculous. The end result is that they’re just not a part of many packages. They’re like the guy you know that’s always involved in some sort of drama with someone and is flabbergasted by the other person. At some point you have to realize the common denominator is YOU.

    Clearly the NFL Network overvalues itself over and over again.

  7. If the NFl was smart, it would go to a subscription plan like the WWE did.

  8. Woke up to this and was devastated. I’m a long-time Sling subscriber almost exclusively because it offers relatively cheap access to these networks, especially Red Zone. If it’s not back by week 1, I’ll be canceling and finding a new provider.

  9. Dish is smart, why pay premium for a product that is on the decline? Most likely the NFL will not have a season due to the virus. Let alone all the political commentary from all those associated with the NFL. Who needs to overpay supporting entitled athletes and super rich owners who only care for themselves?

  10. rodgerstonelson says:
    June 19, 2020 at 6:42 am
    If the NFl was smart, it would go to a subscription plan like the WWE did.

    NO they wouldn’t because then people would see exactly how much they’re paying for one channel and that’d drive away even more fans. I dropped down a tier with my provider last Aug to save $80/mo and the lady I talked to said that 1 channel made up about 80% of the cost of that tier, the NFL network. So it was $65 for just the NFL network, no thanks I’ll take the $780/yr and keep it in my pocket!

  11. Well, about the only reason I had Sling was NFL Network and getting Redzone. Since the NFL may not even have a season this year, and with the racism coming from the white house, I think I’ll watch some local games off my antenna if I’m in the mood.

    Ironically I canceled Sling yesterday, as $30/mo just to watch “Good Morning Football” in the AM wasn’t worth it. Now they don’t even have it. That leaves FUBO tv as the only streaming service with the NFL network.

  12. Dropped all my sports channels months a go. There is nothing on right now.

  13. U-verse customer here, u-verse dropped nfl and red zone network in april 2019, only att platform that carries them is direct tv. Nfl network seems to be in a lot of carriage disputes as you tube tv doesn’t carry them either.

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