Sean McVay: I don’t get how we’ll social distance and play football

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HBO announced the premiere date for this summer’s edition of Hard Knocks on Thursday and the show will be following the Rams and Chargers as they go through training camp.

The head coaches of those teams joined a conference call after the announcement and the conversation veered into other directions. One of those directions was how to deal with the COVID-19 protocols that call for social distancing among players playing a sport that doesn’t allow for much of it.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said it will be “humanly impossible” to comply with some of the guidelines and Rams head coach Sean McVay shares Harbaugh’s confusion about how everything is going to come together in training camp.

“We’re gonna social distance, but we play football? It’s really hard for me to understand all this. I don’t get it. I really don’t,” McVay said, via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Daily.

NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills said on Wednesday that this year’s camp “won’t feel normal because it won’t be normal.” Thanks to the NFL Films cameras, we’ll get a chance to see how McVay and Anthony Lynn’s Chargers navigate their way through the abnormal circumstances.

11 responses to “Sean McVay: I don’t get how we’ll social distance and play football

  1. Why even worry about it? Nobody is socially distancing anywhere out in the real world anymore anyway. We have moved on…thankfully!

  2. If everyone in the building tests negative before taking to the practice field, then you can play with confidence. You don’t need social distancing in a contained environment where everyone is tested.

  3. That’s right because if we don’t know it’s happening, it’s not happening. I say have everyone sign a waiver if they want to participate and just get after it already

  4. He is 100% right. The virus hasn’t gone away and anyone that thinks we have moved on is out to lunch. Any large city throughout the world where people are out doing what they normally do has had large increased numbers. Those countries that are still practicing social distancing and wearing masks are seeing numbers decreased or stay the same.

    A Close contact sport+ over 50 people together in close proximity = spread of the virus.

  5. Jim Nantz: Look at that formation Tony – talk about spreading the defense wide…
    Jim Nantz: The officials just threw a flag – illegal formation – too many men in the backfield.
    Tony Romo: Ya Jim, the offense had no one on the line of scrimmage, they were all 6 feet back.

  6. This is why for the first time in years they need to increase the 53 man roster to like 75 for lets say two years just to be safe. We all know once someone gets it they will be required at a minimum to out for 2 weeks. All we can do going forward is deal with the virus and do our best to help stop the spread of it. Sad part is some have not seen the effects of it and if a 2nd wave comes along it will not be good. Most seem to think this was all a joke but trust me it is not.

  7. Simple – If you get within 6 feet of the opposing player with the ball, it’s an automatic tackle.

  8. Nobody worried about social distancing for the protests so no one should worry about it for football……………

  9. Football is getting more like touch/flag football every year…we can try a couple of things…

    Six foot flags?

    Three foot arm extensions?

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