NFLPA recommends that players stop practicing together

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The NFL had no offseason workouts in 2020, but plenty of players have worked out together on their own. The NFL Players Association officially has asked them to stop.

“Please be advised that it is our consensus medical opinion that in light of the increase in COVID-19 cases in certain states that no players should be engaged in practicing together in private workouts,” Dr. Thom Mayer, the NFLPA medical director, said in an email to all players, a copy of which PFT has obtained. “Our goal is to have all players and your families as healthy as possible in the coming months.

“We are working on the best mitigation procedures at team facilities for both training camps and the upcoming season, and believe that it is in the best interest of all players that we advise against any voluntary joint practices before training camp commences.”

Players from many teams have been engaging in workouts during the 2020 offseason. Currently, 20 Cardinals players are scheduled to travel to Dallas for multiple days of workouts with quarterback Kyler Murray. Players from other teams have been engaging in similar activities.

The union can’t prevent players from working out; it will be interesting to see whether the recommendation from the NFLPA’s top director causes any players to think twice about engaging in workouts with teammates before training camp opens.

34 responses to “NFLPA recommends that players stop practicing together

  1. If only the USA could have been advised of the dangers of this virus and had a strong federal response…

  2. hippo- that is exactly how racism veils itself, whether you intended it or not someone (and there a lot of someone’s on here) will take it to mean the Chinese are at fault for the virus which they are not, they did not create it or transport it on planes all around the world, should we blame Indians for malaria since Ronald Ross “discovered” it there? Or blame Europe for syphilis? Or, you get the point, please take it seriously, while you may be just fine others are not, just like wearing a mask is responsible, so is choosing ones words wisely

  3. Players will keep practicing, especially QB initiated practices because they want to display leadership skills.

  4. “Blame it on China”

    All of the other countries got the same information that the US got, yet most of them are doing far better than the US. They have great leadership….something that is lacking in the US

  5. It certainly seems like any team that’s practicing is having problems with infections. A lot of colleges have already had to quarantine/shut down practice due to this.

    Make no mistake- there is an inherent danger in transmission that comes from close contact. The question is what are these players doing after practice and before practice. I would assume it does not include wearing masks or social distancing.

    A heavily restricted bubble is probably the only way any sports can come back. That idea may be possible for the NBA due to the low amount of personal needed for teams, maybe under 30 total for each team. The NFL is a lot different, and the bubble probably wouldn’t work with that many people per team.

  6. So if there is no Super Bowl does that mean the Lombardi defaults to the Off Season Champions, the LAS VEGAS RAIDERS!!!

  7. Covid aside—the value of non team workouts are questionable. Also must consider the injury risk and the potential for injured players to lose compensation.

  8. Recovery rate is 99.88%.

    Sure. That isn’t the point, though. As it turns out, when people have problems breathing, whether they will eventually recover or not, they go to the hospital. When too many people go to the hospital for covid, then the hospital can’t treat other people with normal issues that need a hospital bed. Sucks for the guy in a car crash when he’s turned away at a hospital.

    That was the whole point of the shutdowns. Keep the hospitals open, and make it so anyone that needs the hospital can use them. It had nothing to do with the recovery or death rate. I know we take it as a strange convenience that if something terrible happens to us, we have people available to come get us and get us to a hospital sometimes within 15 minutes. It’s a nice convenience. We need to keep that open.

  9. “Recovery rate is 99.88%.”

    Not even close. 5.2% of known cases have died. That would mean that 94.8%, recovered.

    Check the John Hopkins site for good data.

  10. So it’s not a fake news “hoax”, and shouldn’t have been ignored for several months?

    Go Figure.

  11. ForWhomTheBellTrolls says:
    June 20, 2020 at 5:35 pm
    Recovery rate is 99.88%.>>>

    Reported by Fox News Channel?

  12. “NFLPA recommends that players stop practicing together” – so THEY can sue the owners when you get sick at practice or games.

  13. 1. The NFL will have a season. Because TV income. Billionaire owner greed must be fed.
    2. When the first player succumbs to COVID-19, the NFL will ask for a moment of silence for thoughts and prayers just before kickoff.
    3. After that, deaths will be nothing more than collateral damage in the war against losing a single fan’s dollar.

  14. 20,000 people in Tulsa don’t seem real concerned about Covid19.


  15. Radar8, the Federal govt did react, after the WOrld Health Organization dragged it feet for 2 months reporting the severity on the virus. Look at Italy’s death count relative to their population. John Hopkins does publish that. Secondly look at the state and city governments that kept businesses open after being told not to. Stop blaming the Federal Government. Look at your leaders in your own state. In Ohio, the death rate is .004. Less than half of 1% jic you don’t know the decimal system. Lastly I hate that hospitals and health care providers , which I admire immensely for their dedication and service, get extra $$ if it’s a Covid related death. Wouldn’t be the first time information is skewed to increase the bottom line for any business.

  16. This whole “Bubble” idea/fantasy needs to go away, as MLB is already finding out, and the NBA soon will. Fans jonesing for a season and owners jonesing for money will not make the reality disappear. And the midia just makes it worse. In the meantime, it’s a slow-motion train wreck in the process of happening.

  17. It’s time to just call the whole season. People will realize just how unimportant the NFL is just like they have for Baseball, basketball and hockey. Be great to see all these leagues lose Billions and bring them down to earth. Let the Players get real jobs

  18. The miners of the 1849 California gold rush forcibly removed and murdered upwards of 100,000 Native Americans to stake their claim aka the 49ers. There should be a movement to change their name.

  19. “..20,000 people in Tulsa don’t seem real concerned about Covid19…”

    Looked more like 2,000 from the photos I saw.

  20. It is not cancer it is a virus. Most athletes will get sick for a few days and develop antibodies. Most NFL players play through far worse on a weekly basis.

  21. radar8 says:
    June 20, 2020 at 6:08 pm
    “Recovery rate is 99.88%.”

    Not even close. 5.2% of known cases have died. That would mean that 94.8%, recovered.

    Check the John Hopkins site for good data.


    Inflated statistics. There are a lot more people that had it, didn’t know it, and got over it. That’s not factored into the JH statistics. The actual number is closer to less than one percent.

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