Will the Jets trade Jamal Adams?

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The Jets have a decision to make. It’s too early to know what it will be.

With safety Jamal Adams wanting out and willing to be traded to eight different teams (and maybe eventually more), the Jets could end up getting a strong offer, if more than one of the eight teams are interested in Adams. For good measure, the Jets need to push the idea that they’re not trading Adams; if they can sell that to an interested suitor, they may be able to shake a sweetened pot from a team that wants Adams.

It will be important for Adams to play along. It’s no secret in league circles that Adams, undeniably an elite player, can be hard to handle. The team that trades for him and pays him won’t want to risk being on the receiving end of similar treatment, sooner or later, that the Jets currently are receiving.

The Jets also need to be concerned about the precedent that letting Adams go could set. No team wants current or future players to think that they can talk or tweet their way out of town. The Jets will need the same kind of trade offer that will get them to do what the Jaguars did with Jalen Ramsey. The Jaguars wanted to keep Ramsey, but in the end they weren’t going to reject an offer of two first-round picks and a second-round pick.

The question becomes will the best offer the Jets get for Adams (it definitely won’t be two ones and a four) be enough to get a deal done? If so, the question then becomes whether a new team will trade for Adams without a new contract (like the Rams did with Ramsey) or whether it will insist on a long-term extension before finalizing the transaction.

Adams, like Antonio Brown early last year, is showing that players have more power than they realize. Given the way things turned out for Brown and the Raiders, however, the team that trades for Adams will want to know it’s not inheriting someone else’s problem.

This means that the team that decides to try to trade for Adams will need to figure out exactly what went wrong between player and team over the last three years. The hardest part could be getting to the unvarnished truth, because neither Adams nor the Jets will want his potential new team to be scared off by whatever happened to poison the relationship so quickly.

26 responses to “Will the Jets trade Jamal Adams?

  1. Teams need to start telling these players a trade is off the table. It is like the inmates running the asylum. And look at how forcing a trade worked out for Antonio Browm.

  2. Complete train wreck, and Gase is a clown which further makes it a disaster
    Jets will be the cellar of not just the AFCE but the entire AFC

  3. Safeties aren’t a valued as shut down corners. No one will want to make a big offer for a potential headache.

  4. I believe Adams will be a negative influence in the Jets locker room this season. The Jets need to trade him now, and get ready for the upcoming season. No player is worth disrupting the teams morale.

  5. If a team offers two firsts and a second for this guy then they are in a lot of trouble. Look what happened to the Rams.

    Having an above average safety is a god send to a team but there’s a certain degree of how important is one position to getting to a Superbowl..

    A quarterback yes, a great tackle or edge rusher yes, a real shut down corner.yes

    ..an elite safety ..no ..

  6. He has a contract. The Jets and their dysfunction has nothing to do with Adams meeting his legal obligations. Shut up and play or be worth a 1st and 2nd round pick. Adams thinks he is movie star.

  7. Every time the Jets get a great player they turn out to be greedy Started with Meshawn Johnson. Continued with Daryll Mevis and now its JaMe Adam’s. He may be a great player but he is also the league’s biggest drama queen.In fact whatever team he plays for should change his number to DQ.

  8. the unvarnished truth per Manish Mehta is that Joe Douglas’ hands are tied regarding an extension because of internal financial constraints set by ownership. So even if the GM wants to extend Adams, he can’t.

    Meanwhile, Adams is insisting he get paid now, with 2 years left on his deal.

    The problem for the Jets is that they don’t have a coach, QB, or other defensive leader(s) who can make Adams fall in line — he’s not only their best player, but their best leader. Adams isn’t going to catch heat from anyone from making himself a pain, and Adam Gase isn’t exactly known for his ability to smooth things over with upset players.

    To me, that’s the X factor in all of this. Without someone to put him in check, Adams can make himself into a real distraction if he chooses. Adams is a young player who would benefit from an older, alpha-dog vet with the credibility and talent to tell Adams to knock it off when necessary. Think about the 49ers, a team on Adams’ wish list. That defense is full of talented vets. Adams may be talented, but guys like Sherman, Armstead, Ford, and Buckner won’t put up with BS from some young hotshot for one moment — they’ll keep him in line.

    The only player that even has the potential to do that on the Jets is CJ Mosley, but he’s coming off an injury and played less than 2 full games with the Jets — so even if he dominates out of the gates in 2020, it would take some time before that defense started becoming ‘his.’

  9. Where does this end?

    Any player drafted by an organization that has a losing record over a 4 year span will demand a trade after his 3rd year.
    “I only wnat to play on strong teams”.
    Except most teams aren’t strong teams, and even if they are they are strong for several years and then fade.

    When faced with a whiner and organization has to hang tough, otherwise, this same behavior will be done to them again and again.

  10. I don’t think players have more power than they realize.
    In Adams’s case he is under contract for 202 (his 4th year), 2021 (the 5th year option, and then can be tagged for a year or two.

    If he publicly complains and rips the organization he doesn’t increase his marketability. He makes himself look like a less desirable player and other teams will take notice. Will he slack off? That WILL impact his contract, as teams aren’t going to pay up for a locker room cancer who slacks off.

    Also – it’s not likes he’s not getting paid, high 1st round picks get paid over $5 million while on their rookie deal. His 5th year option is almost $10 million.
    That’s not the Jets, that’s the CBA. He will have earned $32 million and then can be tagged. He may be disappointed but it’s not like he was making $600K/year for 4 years.

  11. Set the price tag high and see what comes calling. He is just a safety so I would say a first is a steal for him. Any GM should know how to play this. Players disrupting locker rooms or playing poorly won’t get a big contract so Adams doesn’t really have all that much power.

  12. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    June 20, 2020 at 11:54 am
    Yes..Douglas will trade him for a boatload of draft picks.

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    There will be a superior
    Safety over Adams in the draft next year, delusional Jets fan. He is at best worth a high 2nd rder and that’s it. His entitlement and pricetag has already scared Jerrah off. The Jets are screwed and they did it to themselves yet again.

    Prediction: #37 overall 2020 draft, Kyle Dugger, will be a better player than Jamal Adams, and he won’t be looking for a new deal 2 full years before his rookie deal expires.


  13. He will likely get traded to Penny-pinching Mode, aka Seattle, without getting a long term deal, and then he can enter free agency the next season. Similar to what happened to Jadaveon Clown.

  14. Who would be stupid enough to offer 3 picks and then have to turn around and pay him 16 million a year? That’s exactly how not to build a great team.

  15. Jamal Adams & Adam Gase, the 2 key figures in this developing situation, can’t help but bring to mind a familiar Jets jingle for FinFans…

    They’re creepy and their kooky
    Mysterious and spooky
    Their all together ooky
    The Jest’s family
    Their house is a museum
    When people come to see ’em
    They really are a screamin’
    The Jest’s family.

  16. Minkah Fitzpatrick only brought the equivalent of a 1st round pick to the Dolphins last year—it’s hard to believe that Adams would bring much more than that

  17. I would simply tell him you signed a 5 year deal and we are not obligated to pay you anymore than that deal. If your heart is in another city/team you will have the oppurtunity to join them after your rookie deal expires. In the meantime, it would behoove you to continue to work on being the best professional football player on/off the field and aside from a monumental offer from another team, you have two more years under your rookie deal with us. If you do not wish to honor the final two years of your rookie contract, we will respect your decision and wish you well in your new life’s endeavors.

  18. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    June 20, 2020 at 10:15 am
    Teams need to start telling these players a trade is off the table. It is like the inmates running the asylum. And look at how forcing a trade worked out for Antonio Browm.

    Maybe teams need to start looking into why the players are trying so hard to get out. Maybe the player is tired of losing. Maybe the player knows they play a physical sport and want to secure that one big payday before their career is over (perhaps much sooner than expected). Maybe they just don’t like their teammates/coach/gm/owner or the area they live in.

    If you are exceeding your job expectations and your boss keeps promising you a raise, but then your department continues to create new jobs and bring in new employees, all the while dragging you along saying “don’t worry, you’re NEXT”, how would you feel?

    I would feel like “if you don’t appreciated me, maybe someone else will”. I could also be applying to new jobs and if a better offer comes along, I can leave my company high and dry. NFL players are stuck in a contract, so the only options they have are to hold out or demand a trade.

  19. not worth the headache. For $16 to $20 million you can get 2/3 solid players to help build a team.

  20. californianewton says:
    June 20, 2020 at 2:32 pm
    He will likely get traded to Penny-pinching Mode, aka Seattle, without getting a long term deal, and then he can enter free agency the next season. Similar to what happened to Jadaveon Clown.

    The fear of continued Seahawk dominance will drive people to say such silly things.

  21. Don’t waste his prime and trade him. They can’t contend until they find a QB.

  22. The Eagles secondary is a joke. They need to make this happen. The already missed out on Ramsey being cheap. If they now miss out on Adams, they will deserve to get torched all next season. Get it done Howie!

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