Mark Cuban: NBA may let fans push noise into the arena

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The debate over the audio from fan-free games has focused on two choices: Ambient noise or artificial sound. The NBA is looking at a potential middle ground.

In an interview with Steve Serby of the New York Post, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban explains that the NBA may try a system for letting fans at home channel noise into the empty Orlando arena where games are due to be played.

“[T]here will be a lot of technology we will be experimenting with to try to introduce noise and make the event more entertaining for players and TV viewers,” Cuban said. “We have been having a lot of fun with apps that allow fans to push noise they make at home into the arena. So not only will there be competition on the court, there will be competition from fans to contribute energy as well.”

That’s an easier thing to do with all NBA teams playing at neutral-site games. For NFL teams, a system would be necessary to accurately and fairly process the noise being supplied remotely and translate it to the right volume that would be piped through stadium speakers. Surely, there will be complaints that some stadiums are louder than others, that they are louder than they would be if fans were present, and/or that some fan bases are getting credit for noise they’re not actually generating.

Whatever the NFL does, the outcome will have a competitive impact. The absence of crowd noise in the stadium will make it easier for visiting offenses to operate. The use of artificial crowd noise will make it harder. And determining which team gets to use how much noise will be the hardest to define, and potentially to enforce.

19 responses to “Mark Cuban: NBA may let fans push noise into the arena

  1. Team owners are getting more and more desperate, the games are just not happening!

  2. The poor billionaires…no revenue…its sorta like when millions of average Americans are unemployed right now.

  3. I hope the malls are going to be open because my wife isn’t going to want to listen to me yelling and screaming at the TV all day long. Maybe Mark Cuban is joking.

  4. Mark off the parking lots and let the tailgating begin. Pump the fan noise in from the tailgaters. Eat, drink and enjoy the game with like minded fans who listen on the radio or watch on their devices.

  5. Mark it is summer time enjoy the summer with your family nobody is going to watch basketball you guys are so desperate as owners to play and your players are balking at every turn Just give it a rest

  6. They need to approach this very carefully, it’s loaded with potential for abuse. Like a siren going off during the snap count.
    I remember the days when the refs would actually penalize the home team if they couldn’t control crowd noise well enough for the opponents to call signals. I think it was a game in New Orleans where the crowd just refused to quiet down and they had no choice but to play the game as is.
    After that the NFL decided to let the crowd do what they wanted (up to and including sex toys, apparently) so they’d feel like part of the team.

  7. How are they going to get the noise to line up with the action. There is lag time to the viewing device and back to the stadium.

  8. Fake noise for a fake game. Lets face it. The championship is already pre-ordained. It will be LeBron and the Lakers. Why? Because LA has the number 2 tv market in the country.

  9. Love the comments from bitter people who are mad that someone else made billions.

  10. I can’t see how pumped in crowd noise will motivate the players. They are going to know that it’s fake noise and just won’t have the same effect as real fan noise.

  11. As long as they stop playing that circus organ and the fake DEFENSE DEFENSE garbage, in addition to blasting your ear drums with music during every timeout; I’m OK with anything!

  12. riverhorsey says:
    June 21, 2020 at 11:21 am
    Mark off the parking lots and let the tailgating begin. Pump the fan noise in from the tailgaters. Eat, drink and enjoy the game with like minded fans who listen on the radio or watch on their devices.
    Well that’s just the worst idea ever. The whole point of not having fans is so they dont gather in large groups close together. You are also fooling yourself if you think their going to allow anyone in the stadium parking lots if their now allowing fans to attend games.

  13. I can’t say as I care very much either way – but if you can make it more interactive for the fans and they enjoy it, why not?

  14. They better have the dump button ready… With the needed delay it is going to be really weird to see a big time dunk in someones face, then see the other time take the ball in and get half way up the court and then hear the crowd go wild for the dunk that happened 10 seconds ago, LMFAO

  15. sfsaintsfan says:
    June 21, 2020 at 6:13 pm
    The Falcons and Vikings have been pumping in fake crowd noise for years.


    The Colts say hello

  16. Fly in a fan from each ball club that has the best trash talk and let us hear their hilarity as they rip into the opposing team.

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