Dak Prescott officially signs franchise tender

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It’s official. Officially.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has signed his exclusive franchise tender, according to David Helman of the team’s official website. He will make $31.4 million in 2020, fully guaranteed.

The Cowboys and Prescott have until July 15 to convert the one-year contract to a long-term deal. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL, the two sides “aren’t close.”

Prescott is now under contract, which means he’ll be obligated to report for training camp. Given the position he plays and given that the team has a new head coach, Prescott knows that he need to be there for all of the preseason preparations.

Ultimately, the question becomes whether the Cowboys will offer Prescott a long-term contract considered to be enough to get Prescott to trade in the $31.4 million he’s due to make this year and, if tagged again, $37.68 million in 2021 and, potentially, free agency in 2022. Only Prescott knows what he’ll take to surrender his rights under a year-to-year approach, but he bet on himself in 2019 when he earned only $2 million. It will be much easier to bet on himself in 2020, when he’s already hit the jackpot.

43 responses to “Dak Prescott officially signs franchise tender

  1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. This life lesson was not offered at Mississippi State. Dak gonna learn the hard way.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of money for a QB who is not a difference maker.
    It has been 25 years since Dallas was last relevant. Signing Dak should ensure at least a decade more of mediocrity.
    That is all.

  3. And the NFL East breaths a sigh of relief. Imagine 2 defensive impact players with Dalton at QB?

    The Eagles were as banged up a team in the history of football and they STILL managed to beat the team of the 90’s.

    The Eagles learned this lesson about what a team looks like on paper. Dallas has yet to figure that out. Not in Jerry’s era, anyway…

  4. So now either the Cowboys will have to sign Dak to a long-term contract and punt a bunch a money down the road or Jamal Adams has no chance, seems to be his wish, of becoming a Cowboy unless he is willing to work for pennies on the dollars. Smart move by Dak’s agents.

  5. Jerry just got kicked out of his own car and Dak has taken over the driver’s seat. The Jones boys negotiated against themselves…..and lost.

  6. 6-17 in his last 23 games against winning teams. You can draw your own conclusions.

  7. bobbydouglass says:
    June 22, 2020 at 4:30 pm

    6-17 in his last 23 games against winning teams. You can draw your own conclusions.

    Wow! That’s almost Kirk Cousins-esque.

  8. My prediction: He will never recoup the $30 million he lost by not accepting the offer the team made him last offseason. He simply hasn’t done well when it has counted (against winning teams and outside the division).

    Going 8-8 with losing records against all the good teams in the league would make a 5-year, $30+ mil/yr contract an amazing gift to most people. But we’re seeing how greedy Prescott really is.

  9. For all the folks who say he is not that good and for all those who say the cowboys need him desperately; this gives Dallas a year to find out without being tied to a long term deal. It seems like a smart move. A little pricey but not crazy. Now the onus is on Prescott to show everyone he is a franchise quarterback. If he does, he’ll get his deal. If he doesn’t then Dallas will get their exit clause.

  10. Me thinks that the Jones are just buying time to see how he progresses under Mike McCarthy and if he doesn’t take major steps forwards as in his accuracy and him being able to take over games and carry the team then they will let him walk next year. Then they will role with Dalton for a season or two as Ben D our 7th round qb gets groomed. That guy throws a beautiful and accurate deep ball.

  11. Kirk Cousins provided the inspiration for all these young QBs. Bet on yourself and you can be set for life. The one drawback, if you get injured, it’s over for further paydays. Every NFL team now needs to look into drafting a young QB and play him for what it is worth for the next 4 or 5 years based on which round he was drafted. Once they start getting close for that new contract, you already need to have his replacement on board. The QBs will be eating so much salary cap that teams will not be retaining those veteran other positions as they once did. Those free agents going for their second and third contracts will not be seeing those large contracts anymore. Next year’s salary cap will cause many veterans to be released and they will have to take major pay cuts. Just watch the next few years.

  12. Dak could retire now with 34 million deposited in his account. Unbelievable.

  13. You rarely win without a great QB. Yes Dilfer. HOF defense. Yes Flacco. HOF defense. I think Dak reminds me of Bradshaw. Not gonna kill you, can basically throw the ball a mile, makes head scratching mistakes, has a HOF RB. One difference. HOF defense. NO way Bradshaw could carry the Steelers. No way Dak can carry the Cowboys. Steelers would have cut Bradshaw under these circumstances, if it meant breaking up a HOF D.

    So, one or the other and Dallas has neither.

  14. Mediocre quarterbacks everywhere are celebrating the fact that huge money is out there all they have to do is find the right delusional owner

  15. ironicskepticalcomment says:
    June 22, 2020 at 4:34 pm
    2020 is canceled!

    I hope not, but you may be right!

  16. I would just break him off rather than ruining my cap space. How big does the cash need to be? Sign here or see ya was what I would have told him.

  17. Take that ridiculous 31 million, play the year and retire. Who couldn’t live for life on 31 million dollars or whatever that is after taxes?

  18. I am a old man and started watching pro football when I was in boot camp and had a chance to watch the Colts and Giants play the title game in 1958. I now have NFL Sunday Ticket and watch as many games that I can. I watch Kirk Cousin play and on every game the announcers tell us how he cannot win the big game and his losing record against teams with winning records’ I hear today how the qb of Dallas signed the big deal and he is the main man. I read where his record is 6 and 17 against winning teams and I do not see him in any of the title
    games. I have heard all about how great the Dallas offense line is and they have the best W/R’s and the best running back in the game one their defense is one of the best and yet I think the teams Cousins played on did not match up to Dallas but I never hear about his record when they play, why is that? Please answer

  19. Not sure why NFC East teams are celebrating. Dak’s record:
    vs Philly 4-2, Giants 4-2, the team that shall not be named in the Capitol 5-1.

  20. Cowboys are working the hell out of this deal. They rode Dak for 4 years and won more games than 30 other teams. All it cost was $5M. Peanuts in the NFL. Now they get Dak for only $31M which is about $10M less than Dak was asking. Even next year is not unreasonable at $38M. Any long term deal with Dak would be $35M plus per year.

    So they have 2 good years to see if Dak is the real deal, and if the new coaching staff can win a SuperBowl. Win one and agree to Dak’s deal. No and they can move on anytime. Very smart strategy by the Jones boys.

  21. Good financial move by Dak since most “long term” deals are back-loaded except for the signing bonus. If you’ve stood on an NFL sideline, you realize the crippling these guys absorb, especially QBs. Gotta get every cent cause it ain’t the MLB or NBA.

  22. Told you guys yesterday and many scoffed -“fully guaranteed “. For those who didn’t understand the first time, that means he’ll get paid even if there is no season, just like anybody else. In the current environment, smart move for him.

  23. Dak makes $50 mill in endorsements annually, so he is unusually positioned to drive a hard bargain.

  24. Great, dominant defence with a good, effective offence wins the vast majority of championships – Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots to name a few.

    25 years after their last Super Bowl and any magic from Jimmy Johnson’s vision and program had faded from the onslaught of the Jones family’s hubris, the Dallas Cowboys have been a bastion of mediocrity, occasionally teasing their fan base with flashes of brilliance. A textbook example of a management that values style over substance with every long-term decision. It’s first class style, as the most valuable sports franchise in the world, but all that money can’t buy the Cowboys a Super Bowl.

    Not rescinding Dak Prescott’s franchise tag is another example of a bad long-term decision made by the Cowboys. Universally accepted that the QB is the most important position. But is it the most valuable position? A value is so high that it severely undermines a team’s ability to build and win a Super Bowl? The QB has been dispropitionately compensated with respect to the salary cap.

    With the removal of HC (who is a good OC) and the addition of a Super Bowl winning HC along with a HOF running back, very strong WR core, HOF offensive line and a very good, healthy veteran backup QB why would any team allocate $31.4 MM for a single year for a QB who has a 6-17 record in the last 23 games against teams with a winning record?

    I believe the decision to franchise Dax Prescott comes down to style over substance. Jerry is seduced and consumed by the “brand” that is the Dallas Cowboys. His ego, his reputation, his raison d’être is extricably tied to the Dallas Cowboys. His obsession has come at the cost of sound judgement with respect to football operations.

    From Jerry’s perspective, he has invested 4 years building Dax into a star that sells and personifies the Dallas Cowboys brand. He views Dax in terms of monetization of the brand not in terms of his on-field contribution to Super Bowl victories. A major disconnect. Is money or championships the motivation, the priority?

    If it were any of the GMs associated with teams listed above were to step I believe that the Dallas Cowboys would have: 1. rescind Dax Prescott’s franchise tag 2. sign Jadeveon Clowney to a single year “player friendly” contract with 2nd year option based on 1st year performance targets 3. trade for and sign Jamal Adams to 3 years extension 4. sign Cam Newton 2 year contract (low-level of guaranteed money)

    With those transactions, the Dallas Cowboys get immediate cap relief, a major upgrade on defence and a hungry, veteran, high-level QB (if healthy) that matches well with the style of QB play the Dallas offence is built around. And if Cam doesn’t work out, Andy Dalton is waiting to compete.

    Just like that the Dallas Cowboys are transformed into a team with a great, dominant defence with a good, effective offence. A Super Bowl contender.

    All this can be done for less than 31.4MM with money and cap room to spare.

    Bottom line – today marked another day in Dallas ownership’s long history of demonstrating a strong need to mature their football operations and recognize that money buys you style but only substance delivers victory and success.

  25. I’m not sure what all the dust up is about Dak getting paid for 1 year? His value is what someone else believes it to be. Just like the rest of us fortunate to have jobs in these uncertain times. I could care less about about Dak or the Cowboys, but I’m always pro-player to get it while they can. Their next play could be their last.

  26. allsyntax says:
    June 22, 2020 at 4:16 pm
    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. This life lesson was not offered at Mississippi State. Dak gonna learn the hard way.
    So signing a contract that pays a gauranteed $31.4 million for one season of work is learning the hard way? Sign me up then!

  27. ragnarthegreat says:
    June 22, 2020 at 4:42 pm
    For all the folks who say he is not that good and for all those who say the cowboys need him desperately; this gives Dallas a year to find out without being tied to a long term deal. It seems like a smart move. A little pricey but not crazy. Now the onus is on Prescott to show everyone he is a franchise quarterback. If he does, he’ll get his deal. If he doesn’t then Dallas will get their exit clause.
    I thought rookie contracts were in place to find out if the player is worth it. In any case you don’t pay a player for what they’ve done in the past you pay them for what you believe they will do over the life of the contract. Sure you will use their past seasons to project out the future seasons. Things like how did he improve from year 1 to year 4 of his rookie deal and do you see him improving over the next 5 years? Do you believe he has hit his ceilung and if so is his ceiling good enough to get to a superbowl?

    People here always belly ache when a QB negotiates a contract. It’s like an annual tradition. Whether it’s Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins….it doesn’t matter who it is. You hear well he hasn’t even won a superbowl! Yet when Brees and Cousins were up for new contracts they both had a superbowl each under their belt but that didn’t stop the bellyaching. It’s always going to be so.ething no matter what with these people which is why it’s best to ignore them while the professionals negotiate their deal.

  28. Most NFL regular seasons wins by a QB since Dak Prescott was drafted in 2016
    1. Tom Brady – 47
    2. Dak Prescott – 40
    2. Russell Wilson – 40
    4. Drew Brees – 39
    5. Matt Ryan – 35

  29. Its not that Dak is soo bad, but realistically Dalton is about the same, maybe better. Cincinnati hadnt done much for a while, had a below average roster but then Dalton became the QB for several playoff teams while in the same division with both Pittsburgh and Baltimore when they were each perennial Super Bowl contenders. Dak had a much better roster than Dalton did, and the NFC East isn’t close to the old Pittsburgh Baltimore teams Dalton had to compete with. Another compelling fact that can NOT be ignored.. Cam Newton is also out there and he’d only cost 1/3 Dak’s salary right now (until he proves he can still play.)

    The Cowboys truly missed a great opportunity – to have been able to really build the team up – while NOT stepping down at QB.

  30. Just to remind everyone, the reason we’re at these high QB salaries is because Washington tagged Cousins for two years straight. QB salaries were in the high teens to low twenties. The Cousins tags jumped it up to the $30 million range, and so here we are.

    $31 million for Prescott isn’t a bad deal. The fact that they have Dalton as backup doesn’t change the fact that they see Prescott as their long-term QB, and Dalton is not. Moving on from Dak and going with Dalton would only be a stop-gap until they found another long-term QB, which isn’t easy.

    I know the way we talk about football is that a starting QB has a certain record, etc. But all the blame for a loss and all the kudos for a victory can’t solely fall on the QB. Once Dez flamed out and Whitten (Dak’s favorite target) retired Dallas wasn’t exactly loaded with receiving talent. Bringing in Cooper was a good move and then Whitten returned last year.

    I think Dak is good enough to be the Cowboys QB, but the whole picture isn’t complete. We’ll see how he does under McCarthy, but the entire organization from the front office down needs to perform for the team to be successful, not just the QB.

  31. He has a snowball’s chance in Hawaii of getting $40 million a season, if that is what he wants for a long term deal. If he thinks he deserves more money than Jared Goff, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson, quarterbacks who have either taken their team to the Super Bowl or won it, then he needs very good luck, since he did not even come close to doing that. He has not even taken his team to the playoffs 2 years in a row.

  32. Most NFL regular seasons wins by a QB since Dak Prescott was drafted in 2016
    1. Tom Brady – 47
    2. Dak Prescott – 40
    2. Russell Wilson – 40
    4. Drew Brees – 39
    5. Matt Ryan – 35

    So then a fair deal would be for Dak to earn 80% of what Tom Brady earns

  33. Jerry wants another year to look before signing a long term contract with Prescott. The thirty-one million is to make up for the four year five million Jerry has paid him so sar.

  34. I can’t believe there’s any negotiations with this guy. He’s never been anything sensational, and to be honest has never topped being simply adequate. This will haunt the Cowboys for years.

  35. charliecharger says:
    June 23, 2020 at 1:22 am

    Most NFL regular seasons wins by a QB since Dak Prescott was drafted in 2016
    1. Tom Brady – 47
    2. Dak Prescott – 40
    2. Russell Wilson – 40
    4. Drew Brees – 39
    5. Matt Ryan – 35


    Apart from those other 4 guys having made it to the Super Bowl (and 3 of them winning it), the difference is what’s behind this number. The 40 wins hides the reality that he has a losing record outside the division and against winning teams.

    Last year’s 8-8 season tells the story. 5 of their wins came from within their (poor) division, the other 3 vs. poor teams. Losses to Saints, Packers, Vikings, Bills, and Eagles (with the division title on the line). They beat bad teams and lose to good teams.

  36. Logic says let Dak walk away and use that money for Jamall Adams. Let the Red Rifle show what he has.

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