Deshaun Watson’s extension, when concluded, may cover only three new years

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The Texans recently gave tackle Laremy Tunsil a three-year extension beyond the final year of his rookie deal. The man for whom Tunsil blocks could end up getting an extension of similar duration.

Per a league source, Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is seeking a three-year extension of his own rookie deal, which expires after the 2021 season.

If that’s what the Texans do, the deal would put the 12th pick in the 2017 draft under contract for five total years, getting him in position for a third contract by the end of the 2024 season, with the possibility of the franchise tag for 2025 and, in theory, 2026.

The shorter the deal, the greater the risk the player assumes that injury or ineffectiveness will keep him from getting another new contract. The longer the deal, the greater the risk the player will be operating under a contract that becomes leapfrogged by other quarterback deals.

Some have wondered whether Watson wants to remain in Houston over the long haul. Earlier this year, one sports book had Watson as the favorite to become the Patriots’ starter in 2021. That remains highly unlikely, and it will be even less likely if the Texans and Watson eventually finalize the kind of contract that few teams ever give to a young, ascending player at the position.

Watson isn’t really ascending; he already has ascended. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in all of football — still to be unveiled in the Chris Simms top 40 quarterback countdown, which continues on Monday’s PFT Live, with spots No. 8 and No. 7 on tap for Monday morning.

6 responses to “Deshaun Watson’s extension, when concluded, may cover only three new years

  1. Let’s see how he does without Deandre “King of the uncalled push off” Hopkins before you call him a great qb.

  2. Very good quarterbacks have significant leverage. There are very few of them and there are not even enough average quarterbacks to go around. the injury risk is not that high and he’s unlikely to all of a sudden lose his skills in the next few years. this way he can leave a bad team and he also can control where he plays and make sure he gets paid top dollar.

  3. Sounds like he may be looking for some fully guaranteed deals! Will become the norm!

  4. There’s a lot of Bill O’Brien bashing going on…a lot of group think, mob mentality…but what you don’t see when such bash O’Brien are facts, full facts used, in their arguments.

    When O’Brien was handed the reigns from former (awful) G.M. Rick Smith the Texans had a cap mess, loss of a lot of draft picks from the Osweiller (can you imagine having to give away high draft picks just to dump a guy you signed a year earlier!!! and these idiots bash O’Brien!!??? stupid is as stupid does I guess) and then the Watson trade up and perhaps the worst offensive line in football (didn’t the Texans previously waste a very high draft pick on D. Carr because in part of no oline).

    And yet in just two years with limited resources thanks to Rick Smith – BOTH of them playoff years BTW for those who don’t like facts – O’Brien has rebuilt the oline (once Howard, Scharping get a bit more experience, might be as good of an oline in the NFL as there is), rebuilt the TE group to perhaps the best 1-4 group in the NFL and has gotten the cap in great shape. Again, all the while taking the team to the playoffs.

    Tunsil trade. Break it down. Texans get Kenny Stills for J. Davenport and Bademosi; Texans HUGE win. Texans get a low 4th and low 6th for a high 2nd. At least half the GMs would take that deal, half wouldn’t. If you hate O’Brien the best you can say is the Texans break-even so far, most would say the Texans have the slight advantage so far. The Texans get Tunsil for two late 1st round picks (in 2020, it was the 26th pick, the Texans would have gotten to choose from the 6th best tackle in the draft). Miami used both a 1st and 2nd round pick recently to try and replace Tunsil…maybe one will work, maybe not and they’ll have to wait 2-3 years to find out…Tunsil is a sure thing, young, getting better and already a pro-bowler. And they got Tunsil now, not having to wait 3-4 years, WASTING Watson during that time. O’Brien STOLE Tunsil from Miami.

    As for Hopkins. The question is not whether Hopkins is great or not, of course he is. The question (for smart people) is whether you can afford to keep him and his position worth that kind of money.

    Just a year ago the Texans had Watt, Clowney, Hopkins on HUGE contracts (and other guys like McKinney and Mercilus on healthy deals) and knowing Tunsil and Watson were soon due. Be fair, be smart. You can’t pay all 5 of these guys what they want…that’s not O’Brien, that’s the NFL rules!!!…you’ll have no team left. So do you keep a high paid WR or do you pay your franchise QB and pro-bowl left tackle?

    If you look at the past 10 super bowls, only once has a team had a top 5 paid WR on either the winning or losing team (at the time the game was played)…Julio Jones with Atlanta.

    The facts simply point to, in a salary cap world….you can’t have a top 5ish paid WR…you have to put you money elsewhere.

    And the truth is…as great as Hopkins is in helping you beat the soft teams in the NFL…once you get to the cream of the crop teams in the playoffs….what are they going to do with Hopkins, what’s Belichick going to do with Hopkins??? He’s going to take him out of the game plan…..part of the reason NE was good for so long is they had a diversity of offensive receiving weapons at WR, TE and at RB….a) it’s a smart tactical strategy and b) it’s much more cost-effective in a salary cap world….pay your big money to your QB, oline, DE/OLBs and perhaps secondary.

    Jump on the O’Brien hate bandwagon, it’s fun, it’s group-think, it’s mob-mentality, but frankly it’s not smart.

    OBrien does nothing but win and he’s done so without any oline and other restrictions caused by former GM Rick Smith.

    The Texans are nearing the end of the Rick Smith hole (after next year’s draft) and O’Brien has this team well-positioned.

    The QB position will be set. The oline will be young, talented and around together for a while. The TE group is as deep as any in the league. The WR group may not have Hopkins any longer but it’s got several good veterans, with some young talent and a TON of speed. The RB group is versatile and with a RPO QB like Watson will be all the more effective. And frankly, given that the offense is effectively set for a while (always tweak here and there) for the next 2-3 offseasons almost all the resources can go to the D.

    The Texans are in VERY good shape under O’Brien (who knows how Covid will affect them or any team in 2020) for the forseeable future….facts…..not group think.

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