Doug Williams sees bad coaches get second chances, good coaches not get first chances

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Washington Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams is wants to see more opportunities for minority coaches, and he’s troubled by how often he sees those coaches miss those opportunities, while coaches who have already tried and failed get more opportunities.

Williams, who is involved in today’s Quarterback Coaching Summit that is designed to train and recruit minority coaches, said he sees disparities in the kinds of job offers that are extended.

“If you look across this league over the past few years, a lot of guys have got recycled that hadn’t done well, but still got a second chance,” Williams said, via the Washington Times. “We got a lot of guys who are looking for a chance and an opportunity.”

Williams disagrees with those who say there aren’t enough minority assistant coaches in the pipeline to give more job offers to minority head coaches.

“There’s a pipeline,” Williams said, “but the problem is the valve has been shut off.”

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  1. People keep screaming for Eric Bieniemy to get hired, but he’s already hired. Hired as the next Head Coach of The Kansas City Chiefs when Andy Reid retires, that seems like the new wave. Become a great assistant under a great coach, then take over when he retires. Teams like Seattle, Pittsburgh, NE, New Orleans, will hire the best assistant on their staff to replace the likes of those coaches.

  2. Sad but entirely true. The HC and GM demographics are the epitome of institutional racism. What makes institutuonal racism so potent is that no one needs to be or is “racist.” But we as humans naturally gravitate towards those like ourselves. All things seeming somewhat even, as they usually do, we trust those more like ourselves (race, class, culture, etc) than those who seem unfamilar. tend to hire those with much in common with ourselves. Fortunately, the idea that “most qualified” is ever determined in a vacuum has been thoroughly debunked by research, and I think more ppl are aware of this than ever before. Hopefully that can help affect change.

  3. Does a guy from Cleveland who has a a <.400 winning percentage deserve a second chance? His old head coach likes him. That coach went on to be arguably the greatest coach of all time. Second chances are sometimes necessary. Third chances? No so much.

  4. why doug williams never get a chance to be a head coach? I think he would have been legendary

  5. Pat Shurmur comes to mind. Josh McDaniels flamed out in Denver and Indy hired him. Only reason he isn’t there is because he backed out. Adam Gase failed in Miami and was immediately hired by the Jets.

  6. billsmafia772 says:
    June 22, 2020 at 9:29 am
    Jeff Fisher
    Hue Jackson

    How many more head scratchers have there been
    I’ll pick up that baton!

    Mike Mularky. (3 time HC!)
    Rex Ryan
    Doug Marrone
    Jack Del Rio
    Chip Kelly
    John Fox (3 times) although at least he made it to multiple Super Bowls which makes sense to rehire him.
    Ken Whisenhunt. Made it to the Super Bowl by the luck of Kurt Warner ,then did nothing without him.
    Lovie Smith. Although he seemed to get railroaded out of Tampa for Dirk Koetter!?!
    Bruce Arians
    Herm Edwards
    Pat Shurmer
    Romeo Crennel

    I’m sure there’s more but isn’t that enough to prove the validity of this argument?

  7. I dunno if its a race issue. It feels like it is. But there is definitely a crappy coaches getting jobs to many times and being allowed to keep those jobs for to long thing going on.

  8. Many have said that only a dozen or so franchises are truly interested in winning a title and this may be part of the problem. If true, that means there are plenty of franchises who aren’t actually seeking the best candidate out there, but one that fits a PR profile to promote an image that maximizes profits.

  9. Hey Doug that’s life and if you need proof just look no further than our elected officials and their minions.

  10. Just like with credit, bad credit is better than no credit.

    Or how 1st round QBs usually get multiple chances to succeed.

    Teams understand that a team can still fail despite the coaching being well-regarded, and sometimes good coaches are let go when they clean house. Plus, many coaches learn from their mistakes and do it much better the 2nd time.

  11. If one of the three top coaching positions, special teams, offense or defense, were required to be a minority the supply of minority head coaches would likely be solved over time. Given the number of minority personnel involved in sports that does not seem like such a huge imposition on front office/GM management either.

  12. Bad QBs get 2nd chances too.

    Doug Williams – 38-42 as a starter. 49.5 comp%. 69.4 QB Rating. In 4 post-season games before coming to Redskins – 1-3 (completion % in those games: 46%, 15%, 34%, 28%) 2/7 TD/INT.

    In 1987, the year they won the Super Bowl, Jay Schroeder had an 8-2 record as a starter with the Redskins, Doug Williams was 0-2. In the 2 play-off games leading to the Super Bowl he had comp% of 34% & 48%.

    He was MVP in the Super Bowl playing against a very bad Denver defense that allowed Timmy Smith run for 206 yards. They only won the Super Bowl because of a great defense and great O-Line.

    Doug Williams was a bad NFL QB by every standard. He was the 80’s equivalent to Trent Dilfer.

  13. Williams has a losing NFL record as a starter and that great second quarter to win a SB but when he was with Tampa, he had one of the strongest arms in NFL history. I saw him throw 80 yrd passes without much difficulty.

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