Jamal Adams admits he’s “trying to” land with the Dallas Cowboys

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Jets safety Jamal Adams has identified eight teams to which he’d be willing to be traded. There’s one team that sits at the top of his list, however.

To no surprise, it’s the Cowboys.

Via Rich Cimini of ESPN.com, a fan asked Adams In a cellphone video posted to social media on Sunday asked Adams, “You coming to Dallas?”

I’m trying, bro,” Adams said in response.

Adams, the sixth pick in the 2017 draft and one of the best safeties in the NFL, has two years left on his rookie contract with the Jets. He has made it clear that he wants out. Beyond the Cowboys, he reportedly is willing to play for the Ravens, Texans, Chiefs, Eagles, 49ers, Buccaneers, and Seahawks.

The question is whether someone will offer the Jets enough to do the deal (and will be willing to pay Adams the long-term money he wants), and whether Adams would take less than he could get elsewhere to land in Dallas.

16 responses to “Jamal Adams admits he’s “trying to” land with the Dallas Cowboys

  1. A first round pick from these teams is like a second rounder, I think the price just went up.

  2. if you are a general manager and you will allow a player to pull this kind of nonsense then you look very weak and every player will start doing that to you.
    For a player to publicly say that they’re acting up to get a trade it’s shocking to me.
    As a team how can you possibly back down and give in to that?

  3. why would they trade for him when they have clinton-dix. he’s no schlub. and if youre ha-ha what are you thinking? like bro, dont start calling for my spot on the team.

  4. redclaw1314 says:
    June 22, 2020 at 8:30 am
    Jamal should have produced his list before he was drafted by the Jets.


    because the list would’ve looked different then. its only contenders. if he produced a list of only contenders when drafted, his draft slot would’ve resulted in less money. cant have that.

  5. Note to Cowboys…do not let Adams influence game plans.

    He’s destroying any leverage you might have had if you were interested in him…no sharp edges on this rock.

  6. I seriously doubt that the Cowboys will have the cap room either now or in the next two years.

  7. Frisco has a good strong safety in Jacquiski Tartt. As long as he is healthy they are unlikely to trade for Adams.

  8. Good job by GM Joe Douglas not letting Adams and his agent manipulate the team. They think they are so clever, but in reality, they are about as transparent as it gets.

    Adams has a contract. How about honoring it? Do any of these people have integrity and live by their word?

    I am sure if the price is right Douglas would be glad to ship Adams out and most fans will be glad to see him go rather than spread his soon to be a team/locker room cancer all over the place. Dallas is actually a good place for Adams. Jerry Jones loves this kind of disruption. Maybe Cleveland though. They are even more willing to overpay and take guys who are all about themselves and not the team.

  9. Can’t believe he is the son of a former Parcells guy. His physical style of play does not breed longevity in this league. I lost faith in J when he stated that his team needed “more dogs”. If I’m a teammate I am thinking , who are you referring to?

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