Jamal Adams’ message to Marcus Maye strongly implies that Adams won’t be back with the Jets

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Jets safety Jamal Adams wants to move on. He wants to move on so badly that he seems to be trying to speak it into existence.

Consider this not-so-subtle message to Jets safety Marcus Maye: “Brotha just keep being u. Show the world why you’re the best FS in the Game. U deserve everything coming your way. I’ma miss balling with u the most. Believe that!”

In other words, Adams won’t be back with the Jets. Even though the Jets have Adams under contract for two more years. Even though the Jets have yet to say or do anything to indicate that they’ll trade Adams.

The problem with the approach is that it makes harder for the Jets to trade him, because it removes any possibility for the Jets to reject a trade offer and say, “We just won’t trade him.”

It’s similar to what former Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs did in March, going public with his desire to move on and making it happen. But the Vikings got an offer that they were willing to accept; there’s no reason to think the Jets have, or that the Jets will.

If they haven’t, and if they don’t, what happens next? Adams, if the Jets say “play for us or play for no one,” has little leverage. But he’s already behaving as if he’ll never play for the Jets again.

21 responses to “Jamal Adams’ message to Marcus Maye strongly implies that Adams won’t be back with the Jets

  1. Hes got 2 yrs left on his contract….jets shouldnt budge and give in….let him sit and when he says what he says in the media you can suspend him for running his big mouth and then they dont have to pay him at all….

  2. Sounds like AB84 on the defensive side but the Steelers were actually somewhat significant.

  3. Lol. So he sends out that message and you think that changes anything? He has no leverage but to hold out. The Jets don’t have to do a thing to appease this guy. Two years left on his deal.

  4. Jets,

    You can really screw with this guy. If he doesn’t want to sign with you guys, teach him a lesson.

    Send him to Miami. That will show him.


    The Miami Dolphins.

  5. “In other words, Adams won’t be back with the Jets.”

    Wishful thinking on Adams’ part. As you pointed out, he has no leverage. And since he lessened his trade value, it makes it even less likely that the Jets trade him.

    Unless someone ponies up two first round picks, he can rot on their bench this season, since they only get $3.5 million in cap relief by moving on from him.

    But alas, how is he gonna “show the world” if he holds out? He isn’t. Because he’s not. Like I said, wishful thinking.

  6. Teams like to think they control really good players on below market contracts but time and time again (Diggs, OBJ, Landry, Mack, Ramsey etc) we see that’s not the case. Players don’t take kindly to being ignored by ownership and when they want to force their way out, they usually have the ability to do so. The Jets botched this the second they said they wanted Jamal yo be a Jet for life and they didn’t offer him anything

  7. Marcus Maye, always hurt, is now the best FS in the game? This guy is not only dumb and wildly immature, he’s wildly delusional.

    My goodness.

  8. Hopefully he is retiring. Because this is absolutely ridiculous. He has two years on his deal. And the team could franchise him 2 times. Unlikely, but possible. So they have control of him for FOUR more years. And they will just let him go? Lol. Ok

  9. Talking a bunch of nonsense. What he is doing now isn’t endearing him to any other teams. It’s kind of annoying in the fact that he feels entitled to a raise an entire 2 years before his rookie deal is up and he’s a first round pick and a safety. This isn’t a Russell Wilson scenario and Adams is making decent money on his rookie deal. Also consider just because a team has a secret wink wink deal with Adams agent, the compensation to aquire his services must be met by that team as well. From what
    The rumors are it’s going to take a 1st and 3rd pick to get him, maybe more.

  10. When black players do this they’re difficult, white players do this and they’re savvy. And there’s a team whose name mocks an entire other race. #BLM #changethename

  11. He literally has 0 leverage, thanks to the new CBA holdouts are officially dead. His options are either retire or put on his big boy pants and act like a professional athlete/adult by showing up for work, because he won’t be able to get an accrued year sitting at home.

  12. Adams makes about $4 mill this season and $9 mill next season – I think he will survive. He looks like a jerk doing all this in middle of pandemic with so many people losing jobs. The bottom line is the media is giving him WAY TOO much attention. Jets have all the leverage. Plus, it’s still possible the season does not happen – no GM in NFL would give him a raise right now.

  13. partmachine says:
    June 22, 2020 at 10:51 pm
    When black players do this they’re difficult, white players do this and they’re savvy. And there’s a team whose name mocks an entire other race. #BLM #changethename
    I would love to see the list of white players that have done this. AND the evidence that people were calling them savvy for doing it.

  14. Twit has given the uneducated and stupid a way to communicate without them actually showing they can’t spell or put together a complete sentence.

  15. I am so looking forward to adams riding the pine for the Jets after they refuse to trade him, then he’ll be the next fool with daily Twitter feeds consisting of, ” Yo, I’ve been dis-ree-spected y’all…..” Dont like it adams? Honour your contract or quit. Dunkin Donut’s needs help at the drive thru and your resume is exactly what they’re looking for.

  16. I’m trying to think of an NFL player that was a pain to his first team and forced a trade that lived happily and harmoniously ever after in his new destination and having a hell of a time doing so.

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