Jonathan Taylor on shared backfield: Don’t count reps, make reps count

Getty Images

The Colts have taken to calling Marlon Mack and second-round pick Jonathan Taylor a “1-1 punch” at running back, but there won’t wind up being an exact split in playing time over the course of the season.

Nyheim Hines is also going to find his way into the mix and the Colts will likely make adjustments based on how the backs do once the team is finally on the field. Taylor said in a recent conference call that he’s OK with however things play out.

Taylor racked up 926 carries over three seasons at Wisconsin, but never had more than 55 percent of the run-heavy team’s carries in a season. That leaves him with ample experience in a shared backfield and ample experience about how to deal with it.

“You don’t count the reps; you make the reps count,” Taylor said, via Jim Ayello of the Indianapolis Star. “Whenever you’re in, you’re on — make sure you are 100 percent. Think about it, you are a professional now. When people are at their jobs — I know my mother is at her job and she likes to do everything correctly to a ‘T’ as perfect as possible. I’m taking the same approach here. I mean whenever my number is called I’m making sure I’m on at all times because it’s my job now.”

The Colts probably won’t run the ball as often as Wisconsin did, but they’ll be doing it a lot if the Taylor-Mack partnership blossoms the way they hope it does.