DeMarcus Lawrence reiterates his stance that it’s not about Jerry Jones

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Richard Sherman has called out Jerry Jones. Gregg Popovich has, too.

Cowboys defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, who signed with the team this offseason, became the first player on the roster to question his owner’s silence in the 29 days since George Floyd’s murder began real social change.

DeMarcus Lawrence, though, respectfully disagrees. It’s not about Jones, Lawrence claims.

The Cowboys defensive end made his stance clear over the weekend, and after Stephen A. Smith expressed disappointment in Lawrence on ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday morning, Lawrence doubled down . . . and then tripled down.

First, Lawrence responded with a long missive on social media.

“My point was that, though he is a person of influence and power, we need to stop relying on others to talk about change, and actually be part of the change,” Lawrence wrote, in part. “This is especially true in our black communities. I understand some people feel compassionate about hearing from him, and that is their choice. My choice is to be part of change.”

The Cowboys drafted Lawrence in the second round in 2014 and signed him to a five-year contract worth $105 million a year ago.

Lawrence reiterated his point in an interview with Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News on Tuesday afternoon.

“I’m not going to sit here and take my time and basically shed light on Jerry Jones. That’s not my position,” Lawrence said. “My position is to bring up the youth and give them more ways to find out what they want to become. Once you start asking me on a Black Lives Matter movement and Jerry Jones and the Cowboys — that ain’t none of my concern right now.

“If Jerry Jones comes out and says, ‘I’m racist.’ Then what? What’s the next step in Black Lives Matter? That don’t change nothing. If he comes out, he stands with us, it still don’t matter. It ain’t going to change the results of anything, so I’m going to use my platform to help bring up the youth instead of talking about Jerry Jones.”

The Cowboys have never had a player protest during the national anthem, with Jones having made clear in the past he expects his players to have their toes on the line. Last season, Dallas separately traded for Robert Quinn and Michael Bennett, both of whom previously had protested social injustice during the anthem, and neither protested during the anthem in their season with the Cowboys.

Lawrence said he will support any of his teammates who raise a fist or take a knee during the national anthem this season, but he also wants it understood that there is more to do.

“If they decide they want to take a knee, I’m with them 100 percent, but if they decide not to take a knee, I’m still going to be with them,” Lawrence told Watkins. “I don’t think this is a football issue at all. It’s bigger than football and our football platform has to take us to a another level to achieve what we’re trying to achieve. I’m just trying to listen to everybody and hearing what they got to say.

“Everybody wants to know my stance on protests or my stance on Jerry Jones. I really think it’s unfair. I’m out here putting in the work. I’m seeing people behind Instagram and Twitter just talking. Instead of getting out here trying to make this change.”

Lawrence and McCoy participated in Opal Lee’s walk in Fort Worth on Saturday in her long-time quest to make Juneteenth a national holiday. It is one of several philanthropic campaigns related to COVID-19 and social injustice he has assisted with financially and/or with his presence this offseason.

23 responses to “DeMarcus Lawrence reiterates his stance that it’s not about Jerry Jones

  1. They say you’re a good man, Mr. Jones. White folks say you’re a good man. Black folks say you’re a good man. Be a good man.

  2. Jones silence makes the statement of who Jones is. For all those talking about the “Left” being bullies please explain how doing the right thing is a political position & not just the right thing. Get over yourself snd your close mindedness.

  3. DeMarcus Lawrence showing a high level of intelligence and awareness here. Popovich is a complete coward. Just look at him afraid to call out the Chinese dictatorship.

  4. Lawrence is right, Jerry Jones has done a lot of talking in the past and most
    of that has not amounted to much.

  5. It’s amazing that some people think human rights are a political stance. What happened to human rights? Are human rights a political thing because the right doesn’t want to acknowledge problematic policies within the gov’t? And don’t bring up crime rates of any community because the reality is that regardless of anything a bad guy does, it should not reflect on other people in that community. Just like poachers in KY don’t reflect on farmers in Iowa. Neither should a murderer in Boston reflect on a grocery store clerk who lives on the same block. Extortion is not what’s happening. They are asking him his thoughts. Jones has the choice of what stance he wants to take.

  6. “Jones silence makes the statement of who Jones is. For all those talking about the “Left” being bullies please explain how doing the right thing is a political position & not just the right thing. Get over yourself snd your close mindedness.”


    The problem is not that he may have a deviant stance. The problem is demanding that he be forced to weigh in on something that he does not any expert opinion on. What begins as a noble cause deteriorates into a witch hunt when you start looking for implications of wrongdoing just as often as you look for the wrongdoing itself.

  7. Mr. Lawrence is surprisingly thoughtful here! I only label it surprising because he had generally kept to himself, with the bulk of what he’s said publicly focusing on his contract situation back in 2018 and 2019. He was very focused and professional (and matter of fact) then, and apparently that is generally characteristic of him. A tip of the cap to him and all others of his fair mindset!

  8. Jerry won’t speak up on this issue, but he sure has a lot to say when defending those woman beaters and domestic violence abusers in aldon Smith and Greg hardy. Yea, what a great man.

  9. omeletpants says:
    June 23, 2020 at 6:13 pm
    Once again, the Left is public shaming to force everyone to bow to their position

    Remember when anyone that didn’t stand for the anthem could “GET OUT?” Thought so.

  10. Eagles fan here but gotta hand it to DeMarcus for having the stones to voice his own opinion. No fan of Jerry Jones either but DeMarcus is dead on with his assessment that Jerry’s stance on current events will change nothing and has NO bearing on what really needs to be done to better the black community.

  11. Michael E says:
    June 23, 2020 at 6:38 pm
    Jerry is a businessman, not a social justice warrior.


    Jerry had no problem talking about the flag and kneeling 4 years ago so apparently he does have an opinion and didn’t mind sharing it.

    Jerry is a front runner. If he knew which stance would make him the most money, he would shout it from the roof tops.

  12. I doubt if Jerry Jones muttered, “Things need to change”, that suddenly they will. They guy speaks up on things that directly affect his team. Sorry, but he’s lavished ridiculous amounts of money over 30 years on guys who’ve given him a mediocre product for the vast majority of it and still supports them no matter what. Lawrence has sat back and put thought into the issue as a whole. McCoy is literally a new employee who probably had no more than a phone or video call with the owner and has passed judgement on him. Now if these guys get wise and take a bit of those millions that the billionaires pay them, they’d form Super PACs, donate to campaigns and elect policy makers and changers. Having meetings, sports camps and handing out turkeys does nothing substantial. Work the political machinery, help people register, help them vote. Politicians do their job when it’s on the line.

  13. I have no problem with Jones keeping his mouth shut. It’s kind of refreshing in that everyone left and right seem to think that anyone really cares about their opinion. I’m liking Jerry right now.

  14. qckappa says:
    June 23, 2020 at 5:32 pm
    Jones silence makes the statement of who Jones is. For all those talking about the “Left” being bullies please explain how doing the right thing is a political position & not just the right thing. Get over yourself snd your close mindedness.


    So well said.

  15. Jerry is in no way bound to speak on this matter, pro or con as Lawrence states, if he chooses to open with his opinion then it will be just that, his opinion..

    As a nation we ought to have moved past race wars many, many years ago..

    It totally dumbfounds me that people just can’t get along if that’s what we really want

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