Eric Bieniemy expects to become a head coach “when timing is right”

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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has become the example of the Rooney Rule gone wrong. He did not get a head coaching job in the offseason despite three interviews for such jobs in January.

Of the four vacancies, two were filled by first-year head coaches and only one went to a minority (Ron Rivera to Washington). It marked the third consecutive offseason that only one minority was hired as a head coach, three of 20 hirings.

Bieniemy, though, is undeterred.

“I’ve always been a patient man,” Bieniemy told Steve Wyche of NFL Media on Tuesday. “I get an opportunity to work with coach Andy Reid, [General Manager] Brett Veach, Mark Donovan our president and then our owner Clark Hunt. I have nothing to worry about. In order to get a job, you gotta make sure you’re doing your job. So, I’m blessed and fortunate to be in the situation that I’m in. And on top of that, the only thing I know is the grind. And when the timing is right, it will be right. And it has to be a great fit. So, being patient, I have no problem with that. The only thing I know how to do is keep chopping wood. And everything will work out for the best when it’s all said and done.”

Bieniemy has worked for Reid since 2013, serving as the offensive coordinator the past two seasons.

Only three of the 32 NFL head coaches are black, and the league is seeking ways to bring more diversity to the sideline and the front office.

“I do feel diversity is important, but when it’s all said and done with, you want to make sure you get the right people that are the right fit for your staff and your organization,” Bieniemy, 50, said. “When it’s all said and done with, let’s make sure we get the right people who are the best fit for that particular job.”

17 responses to “Eric Bieniemy expects to become a head coach “when timing is right”

  1. I doubt he is ready yet but Reid has a great coaching tree and these interviews are extremely valuable experiences for Bieniemy (which is the point of the Rooney Rule).

  2. I mean there’s no way he could possibly just be waiting for Reid to retire while being groomed to take over a very talented team with Mahomes locked up at qb.

  3. His response to this is good enough to be a head coach. Not sure why GM’s weren’t banging down this guy’s door to hire him because he’s one hell of a good coach and leader of men.

  4. If anyone thinks EB called more than 10 plays all season, or any plays in the playoffs or the SB, I have some ocean front property in KC for sale.

    Seems like a nice enough guy, but he’s currently the 3rd/4th most qualified coach on KC’s current staff. Toub deserves a job, he’s been at the NFL level, with great success for 10 years. Kafka is the guy that’s been on Mahomes hip since day one and is the future HC in KC.

  5. I think in Eric’s situation he needs to be in an organization that will let him design plays and an offensive system of his own. Where he’ll be the one calling his own plays, not standing next to Andy Reid and only making the occasional suggestion. I think once he shows that skill set and the ability to make adjustments on the fly under pressure he’ll have NFL HC offers.

  6. I think it was smart of him to turn down that Colorado job. He’s only been an OC for two years. He’s probably better off spending a few more years under Reid and waiting for a position on a team where he has a chance to succeed. Going to a perennial loser like the Jags, Browns, or Jets would be a step backwards and could affect his chance to get another job later. I like Bieniemy and I think he will get his chance. He doesn’t seem too worried about it just yet. Give him a few more years of seasoning and he could be the next superstar young offensive-oriented head coach.

  7. Vance Joseph didn’t do himself or future minority candidates any favors with how utterly clueless he was during his tenure in Denver.

  8. Eric’s work ethic as a player and coach is going to make him a success wherever he winds up. I remember how hard he worked when he was with the San Diego Chargers. He’s been a good coach and has paid his dues.

  9. If they’re are going to reward teams for developing minority coaches by them getting hired by another team to a higher position, then the 3 interviews in a coaching hiring cycle should be a rewarded for developing coaches also. Tired of phony interviews to fulfill requirements.

  10. He’ll get his shot (and should). That he isn’t one right now is a choice of his own making. The needle however should remain for any coach regardless of race; if you don’t produce at some point — and with management’s discretion — you are subject to termination.

  11. I’ve met Bienemy before he used to coach at my school. Incredible guy with an infectious personality. Coached on the same staff with Tomlin I believe in Minneapolis under ahead Brad Childress.

  12. I’ve got it ! How to fix this whole problem … give every Coach , Player and management a four year term limit and only way to extend it is if you are a world champion … this would ensure more turn around in the work force so more opportunities for more folks … Brilliant oh and max pay is one million dollars a year across the board so as to only attract the personal who wants to play for love of the game.

  13. Head coaching careers are very short if unsuccessful. The right situation is critical for long term success. Eric will be highly sought after— he can afford to be careful and patient.

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