Greg Roman on crowded backfield: I love good problems

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Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman said on Tuesday that the team will be selective about experimentation on offense this summer because they have to be “really judicious” about time after missing out on on-field work during the offseason program.

Some of the time they have will be devoted to working out how the team will staff its backfield. Drafting J.K. Dobbins in the second round leaves the team with four running backs and they say they plan to use them all.

How they use Dobbins, Mark Ingram, Gus Edwards and Justice Hill will largely be up to Roman and he said he’s excited to get to work on putting the pieces into place.

“I love good problems,” Roman said. “I think I’ve learned over the years, if you got good problems, bring ’em this way. And I say that unabashedly. Talented, hardworking players that love football, bring ’em on. And the fact that we’ve got a lot of guys in our running back stable, if you will, just makes me excited to no end. . . . We’ll find ways to make it work, for sure. To have that kind of backfield is a blessing.

Roman said that developing a feel for how all of the players fit together is “going to happen on the fly” in training camp, but Edwards and Ingram have already made it clear that they think the group is going to be very productive.