Patrick Mahomes partners with LeBron James on More Than A Vote effort

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NBA star LeBron James and reigning Super Bowl champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes have partnered together as part of James’ More Than A Vote organization, which seeks to encourage and register African-Americans to vote and to battle voter suppression.

James announced Mahomes’ addition to the group on Monday night.

And…everyone welcome this game changer (on and off the field) @PatrickMahomes to the family. Means a lot my Brother to have your voice in this with us. #MoreThanAVote #BlackLivesMatter,” James wrote via his Twitter account.

After his involvement in the player-produced video calling upon the NFL to support the Black Lives Matter movement in their cause against police brutality and systemic racism, Mahomes said he intends to use the platform his position has given him. His addition to James’ non-profit organization is a further extension of that plan.

Change isn’t made by watching from the sidelines. Let’s do this @KingJames. @morethanavote,” Mahomes wrote in a reply to James.

Mahomes joins other athletes such as Andrew Hawkins, Jeffrey Okudah, Caron Butler, Arike Ogunbowale, Sloane Stephens, Jason Heyward and Jozy Altidore as part of the collective.

Thank you to every incredible athlete and artist working to help us pull this together. Change doesn’t happen sitting on the sideline. Use our site to register and join our fight against voter suppression,” James wrote.

James has been the best player in the NBA over the last two decades while Mahomes could well be on his way to having a similarly lofty career in the NFL. Athletes feel better positioned than ever to use their voices to push for change in society and Mahomes and James make about as star-studded a pairing as you have right now in sports.

10 responses to “Patrick Mahomes partners with LeBron James on More Than A Vote effort

  1. VOTE! I agree! If you care about the way government will control your life get out and vote! But don’t vote blindly or vote who some sport star tells you to vote for. Do research, watch the debates, don’t listen to just one source of news, etc.. But when voting local and state really just look around you. If a certain party has been in control for years and crime rate just gets worse every year, vote those people out! If the economy is bad and been that way for years vote them out! If homelessness is getting worse with them in charge, vote them out! If they let rioters burn down the city without enforcing laws, vote them out! I think you can see where I’m going with this.

  2. Funny because Kaep never voted, he even said he didn’t. that’s why this guy always was and always has been a fraud

  3. In Wisconsin’s last election a few months ago mail voting was a disaster. Some people received ballots after they needed to be postmarked, some ballots were not signed by a witness. To me this is a bigger threat to voter suppression than voting in person. There is no ambiguity of a vote counted in front of the voter. There is no traceability of voting by mail. The narrative of fair voting can only be done when there is traceability.

  4. Those were the days, when my teams qb just played football and wasn’t involved in miscellaneous

  5. I wholeheartedly agree. If you want “change” it happens at the local level first. If you keep voting the same bums in over and over again, expecting things to change, guess what? Not gonna happen.

    If you DO YOUR RESEARCH, and throw political parties out the window, you’ll be enacting change. If you vote for the person who’s been there for years and years an hasn’t done squat, but is all of a sudden saying the right things because of the times, then you’d be a fool to vote them in again.

    Hard to respect somebody like Kaepernick who was looking to enact change, then admits to not voting at all. That’s not being a leader. I’m not a big fan of athletes being political advocates, but at least these two guys are putting their money where their mouths are and not sounding hollow.

  6. I continue to see this Voting Rights Council, or whatever it is. But, no one can ever actually explain why its needed. It is always the same cliches and party lines. If you are 18, or older, register to vote. The end.

    I often see complaints about long voting lines in the black communities (as if that is somehow a tactic of the conservatives to make it hard to vote), and somehow that is blamed on the conservatives “suppressing” the black votes. News flash folks. The black communities dont elect conservatives to represent them. If you have grievances with the voting lines and polling locations in your community, it is the fault of the people YOU elected. And when you continue to go into the booth and look for the “(D)”, YOU are the problem. Second issue, if you are of voting age, and cant figure out how to register, cant get to the polling station, etc, should you even be allowed to vote??? I mean, seriously. Last issue, if you live in a place where you have complained about education, policing, housing, health care, jobs, etc, for DECADES, and you continue to vote for the same person (or group of people) for DECADES based on their promises, which were the same promises of the last election cycle, which were the same promises of the last election cycle, which were the same promises of the last election cycle, you get the idea, maybe, just maybe you might consider giving someone else a shot at it, lol. The definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again, and expecting different results.

  7. Do these people know anything about who they are voting for ? Do they know that Joe Biden voted for Former KKK Imperial Wizard Robert Byrd 5 Times to be Democratic Majority/ Minority Leader in the Senate ? Do they know Chuck Schumer’s job before politics was as a lawyer keeping Black Americans out of apartment buildings in NYC ? Do they know they would be in the 70-90% tax brackets ?

  8. Fail as a role model: shame on you.
    Act as a role model: shut up and play sportsball.

    It’s like they’re just picking and choosing when it matters for their own covenience.

  9. If you are out to educate people on the issues and candidates, then great. However with Lebron involved, I suspect it’s less about education and more about vote for who I tell you to vote for.

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