Philip Rivers “thankful” to have consecutive starts streak

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Since the start of the 2006 season, which was his third in the league, Philip Rivers has started every game. He has played almost every snap.

“I always admired that about Peyton [Manning] and obviously about Brett Favre, Eli [Manning] as well, and many guys,” Rivers, who turns 39 in December, said, via Phillip B. Wilson of “There are some circumstances that you can’t help it, and I certainly understand that, but I always thought those guys being out there each and every week – I’ve always admired that about those guys and always wanted to be in that group from a standpoint of being available every Sunday.”

Rivers will try to continue his streak with the Colts, whom he signed with after leaving the Chargers this offseason. His streak is 224 consecutive regular-season starts and counting, ranking fifth in NFL history, and 235 including postseason games.

He needs six consecutive regular-season starts to pass Bruce Matthews for fourth in NFL history.

Favre holds the league record at 297 regular-season starts and 321 counting the playoffs.

“That’s one streak or one thing that has always meant a lot to me,” Rivers said. “I think there are a lot of things that go into that, right? I have been blessed enough to be healthy enough to be out there. There is an element of toughness to it. Also, it means your guys are protecting you. There are so many things involved that allow you to be able to suit up each and every week, but that’s always been important to me to be available and to be out there every Sunday that I could be.

“I’m thankful that’s been 220-something plus in a row. Certainly, the desired hope is to keep that thing going.”

17 responses to “Philip Rivers “thankful” to have consecutive starts streak

  1. Rivers is lucky he didn’t have McAdoo as his coach – because he would have been benched already with all those bonehead turnovers.

  2. He was a very good QB for awhile in this league. That franchise hasn’t made a lot of great moves in his career. Watching him last year his arm is dead and I don’t think he makes it through the year. Colts should have brought in Cam Newton instead.

  3. I am a die-hard Raiders fan, I hate the Chargers…hate them, that them. Having said that Philip Rivers is awesome, still is good. The Chargers wasted his career. Eli would have ZERO rings if he was a Charger and Rivers might have one if he wasn’t a Charger.

  4. He needs a SB win to make the HOF, IMHO. The most consecutive starts thing doesnt cut it.

  5. He is tough but no Brett Favre … better make it happen this season or its his last.

  6. Viewers on the East Coast are going to miss those game ending Charger interceptions that lead into the delayed viewing of 60 Minutes…

  7. “Colts should have brought in Cam Newton instead.”

    Right; instead, they lost him to another team.

    (Oh, wait – no, they didn’t, because no one wants him. Brains are important when it comes to being on Indy’s roster.)

  8. I was half way into the article before I realized that it was a starting streak and not a crying streak. His opponents will appreciate playing in a larger stadium so they don’t have to hear him and look at his cry face.

  9. markdavisbarber says:
    June 23, 2020 at 6:44 pm
    I was half way into the article before I realized that it was a starting streak and not a crying streak.


    Speaking of streaks, we can still hear you crying from the consecutive straight YEARS, not games, that Rivers destroyed the Raiders. Every single game. Two guaranteed wins a year! You most definitely remember. Tomlinson was even throwing TD passes on national TV in the black hole. Here’s a tissue.

  10. stay healthy Phil! Hard to believe he is still playing but I am rooting for him

  11. Very impressive, at one of the most injury laden positions in football. Also, to be effective that long is also impressive. Two ironmen from the 2004 draft, Rivers and Manning. And Brees (already on scene in SD at the time) has played a huge # of games, too. All impressive.

  12. I watched Rivers from day one. one thing you cannot fault him on is his toughness. One game in particular really stands out. It was the 2007 AFC Championship Game in New England that the Chargers lost 21-12. It was a great game with the Patsies scoring late in the 4rth quarter to finally put the game away. Rivers played that game with a torn ACL and meniscus in his left knee. Say what you want but Rivers is a tough mother. His stats that day were not good but he played well enough to keep the team in the game right until the end. How many QB’s could do that in NE in the AFC Championship on one leg? That’s tough.

  13. Ive never heard any NFL player say anything bad about this guy. All they say is they love competing against him. That’s respect. Ive watched his play. Im impressed. Good luck to you Mr.Rivers in Indy.

  14. deadinbed says:

    Biggest baby in the league.


    markdavisbarber says:

    …his cry face.


    You’re confusing him for Brady.

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