Randall Cobb hopes his experience helps Deshaun Watson grow

Getty Images

Wide receiver Randall Cobb has been in the NFL since 2011 and he hopes that his extended time in the league helps Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson take a step forward this season.

Cobb spent the first eight years of his career playing with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and last year he was with Dak Prescott in Dallas, which he said has given him insight that he hopes to pass on to Watson as they work together this season.

“He’s hungry for knowledge, he’s hungry for information and I’m trying to give him all the knowledge I can from the experience that I have with Aaron and with Dak and the things that worked well for us over the course of my career,” Cobb said on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

The Texans have made some significant changes to their offense this offseason and Cobb believes people are “sleeping on us” as a result. Should Watson make gains over his already strong performances, it’s likely people will come around on the Texans sooner rather than later.