49ers have clear goal this season: It’s Super Bowl or bust

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The 49ers led the Chiefs 20-10 in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Then, they didn’t.

San Francisco walked off the field watching the Chiefs raise the Lombardi Trophy.

“I know we were good enough to win that Super Bowl and we didn’t, and that’s something we have to live with,” coach Kyle Shanahan said during the 49ers State of the Franchise event, via Matt Maiocco of NBCSportsBayArea.com. “And that’s why the state of the franchise right now is we got to get right back to that moment. We got to get right back to that fourth quarter and get to have a lead and we got to finish the job.”

The 49ers have a long way to go to get back where they were, though. Six months. 16 regular-season games (if all goes as planned). Postseason games.

San Francisco has gone back to the beginning. Like it or not.

“I didn’t want to go through this offseason. I want to get right back to where we left on in February and I know we have to go through a season and it’s going to be a lot harder to do — a lot harder,” Shanahan said. “We can play a lot better and still not do what we did last time. That’s why all of our guys have to take this challenge and we got to take advantage of this offseason and we got to still find a way to take a step ahead of other people because everyone is chasing us right now and it hasn’t been that way.”

The 49ers make clear what their goal is for 2020: Super Bowl or bust.

“We had as good of an opportunity as you can ever have to be a champion, and we came up just short, so that’s by all means what we’re going for this year,” Shanahan said.

28 responses to “49ers have clear goal this season: It’s Super Bowl or bust

  1. Last year’s super bowl was one of the worst screw jobs by the officials in NFL history. It won’t happen again this year. If the season happens Niners win it all by blowout.

  2. It’s always tough to get back, but it’s hard to imagine a better offseason for the 49ers given their limited draft picks. But they were able to replace the two valuable starters they lost (DE Buckner and WR Sanders) with two Ist rounders thst have great potential. The surprising retirement of Joe Staley could have been a big problem but they managed to land Trent Williams at a real bargain price. The team could be even better this season (as long as there IS a season!) with Jimmy G coming off his first full season as the starter and one more year recovered from an ACL PLUS two good receivers (Trent Taylor and Jalen Hurd) returning from injury.

    Again, predictions are difficult and there are so many factors that can change as the season plays out. That said, the 49ers put themselves in a great position to contend again this season and I certainly hope the NFL is able to complete it despite the problems with the virus.

  3. Bet the bust if you believe in history. Bet the SB if you believe the wacky offseason gave the 49ers extra time to rest (with no OTAs) and don’t need much practice before hitting the field.

    I’m going bust.

  4. As far as I can remember, both Mike Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan have been getting their teams to super bowls pretty regularly.

  5. That’s a nice sentiment but reality says the last time a NFC team made the Super Bowl a year after losing was the 70s or 80s

  6. The odds are considerably against that happening. Losing team in SB might as well be on Madden cover or SI cover.

  7. It’s so hard to make it to the super bowl. When guys like Brees and Rodgers haven’t been able to make it back, very very hard to believe jimmy G going to ever get there again.

  8. The 49ers started celebrating a victory before it was over, and then got mahomesed. Go Chiefs

  9. “…and wecame up just short…”
    Lot of coaches spend the rest of their career with that ringing in their ear.

  10. “…and we came up just short…”
    Lot of coaches spend the rest of their career with that ringing in their ear.

  11. Seriously, other than the Pats, how many times has the prior years’ SB runner-up won the following year? Has it ever happened? Sure didn’t for the Rams a couple years ago.

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