The Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB countdown, No. 5: Lamar Jackson

Chris Simms top 40 NFL QB rankings: Lamar Jackson
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He was the NFL’s MVP in 2019, in only his second season. That was good enough to make him a top-five quarterback in the league, in the assessment of Chris Simms.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson lands at No. 5 on the list.

Some would say Jackson should be even higher. That’s easy to say, without considering the merits of the four that landed above him. At this point, and as Jerry Jones would say, we’re circumcising a mosquito. Each of the top five are great players, and Jackson arguably would among the top two or three quarterbacks with whom to start a franchise currently.

The next level for Jackson entails winning a playoff game. With an 0-2 record in two postseason starts, one more loss could convert the situation into a trend. A fourth would make it a full-blown narrative.

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