Ezekiel Elliott: I do hope we have a season, but it has to be right

Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott reports he is feeling “good” a week after being diagnosed with COVID-19. The Cowboys running back had only a couple of days with symptoms.

But Elliott voices concern about the NFL moving forward during a pandemic.

I got corona, and it really didn’t affect me much,” Elliott told Scooter McGruder on Twitch, via Mike Fisher of si.com. “But a lot of people have kids. They may have kids with asthma. Their parents or grandparents may live with them.

“I do hope we have a season, but it has to be right.”

The NFL faces major hurdles in trying to mitigate the coronavirus in order to have a 2020 season. It does have the benefit of time, getting to watch how baseball, basketball, hockey and other sports fare as they resume play.