Floyd Little’s cancer “treatments are working”

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There’s good news for Hall of Fame running back Floyd Little.

Little, via Mike Klis of 9news.com, is responding well to treatment for a neuroendocrine tumor. The location of the tumor was not specified.

Little is receiving chemotherapy treatment in Las Vegas for the cancer, which is in stage two or three.

The treatments are working,” Little’s wife, DeBorah, told Klis. “He’s weathering side effects well.”

Little turns 78 on July 4. He will undergo chemotherapy treatments every day for two weeks, wait for two weeks, and then have another two weeks of treatments.

Nearly $90,000 has been raised for Little to help the family pay for his care. If you’d like to contribute, do so here.

In making that decision, remember this: Players like Floyd Little earned peanuts in comparison to today’s players, but today’s game wouldn’t be what it is without the efforts of men like Floyd Little.

5 responses to “Floyd Little’s cancer “treatments are working”

  1. The NFL not providing health care for the very people who helped make the league the what it is to day is a travesty. I loved hearing “Floyd Little up the middle” when I was a kid. What a shame. I wish him the best.

  2. This story is enough to make me sick. The fact that the league has done nothing for the men who made it what it is today is simply a disgrace. Goodell should do something productive like shaking down the owners to provide for these men. He spends too much time apoligizing and not enough time doing what he should. Otis Taylor has been in bad health for years and where are the Hunt’s? The Bowlen family should recognize the fact that Floyd Little was their franchise’s first great player. Look out for your own!

  3. Love Floyd. He was the singular reason that kept the Broncos in Denver when they were the door mats of the AFL. The city loved him and fans kept going to games to see him. Denver was rarely on tv back in those days. Speedy recovery to this bow legged rb.

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