NFL to sell advertising on lower rows of seats this season

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The NFL will allow teams to sell camera-visible signage to local sponsors for the first time, Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal reports.

The plan, a way for teams to defray pandemic-related revenue losses, was shared with team presidents Tuesday, according to Fischer.

The first six to eight rows in every stadium, including on-field suites, are off limits to fans this season in order to protect players, coaches and team staff from COVID-19 exposure. It also provides sponsorship opportunities.

Tarps, potentially with sponsor logos, will cover those lower-level seats, per Fischer. English Premier League teams repurposed empty seating sections for ads during return to play last week.

Owners will hear the plan at a Thursday meeting.

Restrictions will protect league sponsors, but certain exceptions may be in play for competitive categories, Fischer reports.

Currently, only sideline sponsors such as Microsoft, Bose, Gatorade and Oakley have highly visible TV exposure. The NFL prohibits all others from displaying signage below 40 feet of the playing surface.

It is not yet clear how many fans will be allowed to attend NFL games, but it could vary by stadium.

19 responses to “NFL to sell advertising on lower rows of seats this season

  1. Bummer; my seats are in the 6th row; already paid for and with the +20’ between the first row and player bench, I can’t imagine much problem. More from fan to fan transfers, likely to happen.

  2. What about PSLs? Not suggesting that a PSL affords any right to attend a game during a pandemic, but it doesn’t seem that the NFL should be able to sell advertising rights over top of a seat that they’ve already sold attendance rights to. I’m in sales, but I only get to sell my product to one buyer.

  3. Those whining about their 6th row seat being moved higher, which is a better view of the game, are actually not ticket holders at all, they are just trolls.

    It is quite possible fans may not be allowed in stadiums at all. If they are and they give you a better seat you should be celebrating.

  4. None of this matters. We ain’t gonna have football this year without a vaccine and the odds on a vaccine are worse than the Lions meeting the Browns in the Super Bowl.

  5. This was inevitable. In-stadium advertising has been in the works for sometime. Fraying the losses from the pandemic is merely a convient excuse. To date, there have been no losses. Jerseys and helmets will be next to go. They will look like NASCAR cars. Twenty years from now all teams will be individually corporate sponsored (“you are looking live at the Denver Fords v. the Cincinatti Samsungs”). Sigh. This is so, so sad.

  6. whycantiloginanymore says:
    June 24, 2020 at 4:33 pm
    None of this matters. We ain’t gonna have football this year without a vaccine and the odds on a vaccine are worse than the Lions meeting the Browns in the Super Bowl.

    epic post!

  7. Wonderful. At least something will be on the seats instead of just emptiness.

    Scientists better get their act together and soon!

  8. eternalconsioustorment says:
    June 24, 2020 at 3:25 pm
    God, this season is going to suck big time.


    Why should the NFL Season be any different than the rest of the year? If you think 2020 sucks, just wait for 2021, it won’t be much better.

  9. it will be nice to get a good view of what sponsors i need to stay away from…Pizza Hut and Papa Johns was easy since their food is not good….hope they make something that i use…i like a good challenge to find different providers…

  10. People are going to hate this idea because well… that’s what people do.

    But tell me why is it really such a bad idea? There will most likely be no fans at the stadium, meaning no revenue from tickets, parking, or concessions. Exactly why is it such a bad idea for them to recoup revenue somehow?

    Before anything else, the NFL is a business.

  11. Will someone please do the ad effectiveness test and show that these advertising vehicles do not work?

  12. Some stadium seats are closer to the field than others. Should this not go by distance in feet rather than the first 6 to 8 rows?

  13. As a Tampa fan – that absolute unspeakable happens, the greatest QB ever comes to a franchise that hasn’t been good since the late 90s early 2000’s, and then they double down on the inconceivable by signing Gronk with what may very well be the craziest off season for a team ever, and oh by the way the Super Bowl IN Tampa. Even if no Super Bowl, Tampa at least should enjoy the constant national spotlight for once and THISSSSSS is the year that a worldwide pandemic happens. Half the reason why Tampa pursued this is to have a sold out stadium again but oh yeah this is they war society can’t get their sh together. Thanks everyone, I hate all of you

  14. So do my 9th row season tickets become first row, or are they going to move me to accommodate those moved in 1-8. Also, Buffalo doesn’t have PSLs, so that isn’t a concern for them.

  15. ty659 says:
    June 24, 2020 at 10:13 pm

    I will literally cancel season tickets and never watch another game again if this happens.
    I doubt it.

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