Raheem Morris: Arthur Blank, Dan Quinn have Falcons organization devoted to justice

Getty Images

Falcons defensive coordinator Raheem Morris participated in this week’s Quarterback Coaching Summit, which is designed to help minority coaches get ahead in their careers. And he said he was proud to be there representing the Falcons.

Morris said that in Atlanta, a commitment to the racial justice issues that have been championed by NFL players (and in some cases not championed by owners, coaches and the league office) are at the forefront of the franchise’s values.

“We talked about some of the injustices and how our organization handles things differently,” Morris told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Just starting right from the top with Arthur Blank going to Dan Quinn and how it’s a different vibe in Atlanta. For whatever reason, it just is. It’s because of the owner, it’s because of the head coach and it’s because of the pride of the people of Atlanta have always instilled in Arthur. He didn’t just start thinking about social injustices when the crisis happened that made everybody in the world break out and start to protest. He was ahead of the game. He was one of the people who led that charge right from the beginning from what he’s started to do in the city of Atlanta.”

As players increasingly make clear that social justice issues are a priority for them, organizations that show a similar commitment may find themselves more successful on the field because they’re attractive to players for off-field reasons.