Report: Ravens unlikely destination for Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown has yet to receive clearance from the NFL, and when he does return, the receiver likely finds a limited market awaiting him.

A report Tuesday indicated the Ravens and Seahawks have had internal discussions about signing Brown, but another report Wednesday downplays Baltimore’s interest level.

Brown’s name has come up in Baltimore, Josina Anderson reports, but “Brown has not been earnestly discussed (pending review of his case), nor has there been any recent talks internally. . . . At this time, wouldn’t count [Baltimore] as potential future destination.”

Brown has worked out with Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and Ravens wideout Marquise Brown in South Florida this offseason.

Antonio Brown faces league discipline after pleading no contest to burglary and battery in connection with an altercation with a moving truck driver. The league continues to investigate two other incidents involving Brown for potential further discipline.

Brown has not played since Sept. 15, the only game he played for the Patriots and the only game he played last season.

17 responses to “Report: Ravens unlikely destination for Antonio Brown

  1. I think most people assumed the Ravens were more a bad rumor than anything likely. His choices are even more limited than even hinted. When you take away obvious ones like his former teams, rebuilding/young teams, teams with entrenched #1 and 2 receivers(teams like bucs godwin/evans or Falcons julio/ridley) it doesnt leave a whole lot before even looking cloer

  2. Antonio Brown?

    Only team he should be suiting up for is another remake of The Longest Yard.

  3. If AB really wants to play then come back on a one-year veterans minimum contract, where the team agrees not to tag him.
    I’d like to see him play on a team with a terrible QB.

  4. Why apologize to the Raiders? They should have been aware of what they were getting into.

  5. really scary cuz you know he can still actually ball out, but you read the things he says and does and you hear him talk and you gotta think the man has had too much cte to play without becoming an entry in a textbook.

  6. Would love to see this mobile trainwreck sign w/ the Ravens. Harbaugh would pull his hair out trying to get this guy to be a team player.

  7. Bengals owner mike brown knows value for his dollar
    and has a long history of saving pariahs.

    SEE: Tank Johnson/terrell owens/Adam Jones/etc.

  8. He will end up playing in the furniture football league as a quarterback, he can throw a mean couch pass out the window which might severely injure someone like he has done before.

  9. This is great news. Ravens have the potential to be really good this year. AB would just screw it up.

  10. Perhaps more importantly, do you think he has learned anything? He probably thinks that because he’s so talented it will all just blow over and he’ll be on a team once training camp begins. I can’t imagine any team is going to touch him and he probably doesn’t understand that. I also believe that as soon as he gets signed by a team the foolishness will start all over again. He may be a great player but his baggage would fill a locker room. I think the odds of seeing him on an NFL field again aren’t good.

  11. Lions… if Stafford can’t get it done with this guy, then we can officially close the book on both their careers.

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