Ted Ginn thinks Mitch Trubisky will start for Bears

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Quarterback Mitch Trubisky said recently that he still feels the Bears are his team despite the trade for Nick Foles this offseason and one of his teammates thinks that’s the case as well.

Wide receiver Ted Ginn was a guest on NFL Network Wednesday and the topic of the team’s quarterback competition was part of the discussion. Ginn signed with the Bears this offseason and the fact that he hasn’t practiced with the team yet didn’t stop him from making a prediction about the fall.

“I believe Trubisky is going to be our starter. I’m willing to play for whoever it is and fight for whoever it is,” Ginn said.

The Bears have promised an open competition once they can get on the field and Trubisky has shared his feeling that he’ll have an advantage due to the short window that the team will have to make a call. Ginn seems to agree, but an official decision will have to wait a while longer.

11 responses to “Ted Ginn thinks Mitch Trubisky will start for Bears

  1. If there’s going to be football, you have to assume a short summer favors Trubisky.

    The real question is – if football is canceled – will Trubisky’s contract toll while he gets paid as a 4th year two years in a row? I know it’s a team option, but it’s easier to make when he’s not getting 5th year money.

  2. I don’t think Fols is that good. But neither is Trubisky.
    I can see both playing this seson (if there is a season).
    The sad reality is the Bears need to draft a new QB … again.

  3. In 2019, Mitch Trubisky outplayed Dak Prescott despite having no weapons. He lost a close game to eventual SB winners, the Patriots in 2018. Why are so many people ready to dismiss him?

  4. foles sucks outside of philly, plain and simple..i remember the eagles fans hyping him in jax cause he was going to play for the fired every year john delflippo…yeah how’d that work out

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