Dare Ogunbowale: Easy to build chemistry with Tom Brady leading workouts

Getty Images

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady began organizing workouts with his new teammates last month and they’ve continued in June despite the NFL Players Association advising players not to work out in groups because of the potential spread of COVID-19.

During an appearance on CBS Sports Radio, running back Dare Ogunbowale didn’t touch on that aspect of the workouts but he did share his impressions of his new teammates. He said tight end Rob Gronkowski looks fast and explosive and that Brady has been doing everything possible to simulate regular practice sessions.

“Instead of just telling us to run a dig [route] or something like that, he’s telling us the full play call,” Ogunbowale said. “He’s doing his cadence as if we were in a game. He’s doing adjustments, doing the hots and sights. With a guy like him, it’s really easy to kind of be building chemistry and kind of emulating that whole practice environment.”

The Bucs are banking on the two new arrivals lifting the team back into the playoffs and Ogunbowale’s comments suggest that the offense will come into camp having made up for some of this offseason’s lost time.