Gregg Williams wants Jamal Adams to feel good about being a Jet

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Jets safety Jamal Adams has made no secret that he wants to be traded, but defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is planning to have Adams on his squad this year.

Williams told reporters today that he loves coaching Adams, wants to continue coaching Adams, and wants to Adams to feel how much the team values him.

“I want him to feel good about being here,” Williams said.

Williams said he thinks Adams has the potential to be an all-time great, Hall of Fame player, and he hopes everything gets resolved so that he has that career with the Jets.

For his part, Adams has given every indication that he’s unhappy with the Jets and wants to go elsewhere. Of course, if the Jets were to give him the contract he wants, Adams might suddenly find himself happy to be a Jet again. If the Jets refuse to trade Adams and also refuse to give him a raise, Adams might not be happy, but Williams will still be happy to coach him.

18 responses to “Gregg Williams wants Jamal Adams to feel good about being a Jet

  1. I want Cowboys to trade for Jamal Adams. Push the chips to the middle of the table and go for it, kid is a rare talent and has shown flashes of greatness.

  2. It doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with money. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be employed by the Jets owner. We’ll see.

  3. The Jets need to do NOTHING with him, and if he starts becoming a distraction they need to sit him down, and tell him to tow the line, and if he continues to be a distraction then they have every right to suspend him without pay for conduct detrimental to the organization. It’s written right there in the CBA that teams have every right to do that, and teams need to start doing it when these diva’s start acting up, because when they don’t do it they invite locker room discord which can fracture an organization. That’s why they Patriots “system” that Belichick lords over with absolute power WORKS PEOPLE!! There aren’t any diva’s playing for the Patriots, and when one show’s up they get in line, or they’re gone…It’s really that simple

  4. “….the potential to be an all-time great, Hall of Fame player….” This is true, Adams is terrific. But all of us here in Washington know that Williams’ heart still aches for the loss of an even better player in 2007. Coach took a lot of flak for putting ten defenders on the field the first play after Sean Taylor’s murder. I’d have been fine with that line up the rest of that season.

  5. Jamal is always chafing. He previously felt overlooked because the New York media constantly (and correctly) touted Landon Collins as the best safety in New York. I think he is only going to be happy off the Jets. Frankly, if he ended up in Washington with Collins and Chase Young you would be looking at an all time great D.

  6. Jamal will continue to whine since the best safety in New York is
    Xavier McKinney for the New York Football Giants…

  7. I don’t trust a ‘Gregg’ with 3 ‘g’s (just not right next to each other).

    Seems weird…

  8. Oh yeah, well at this point most Jets fans have grown sick and tired of his immature baby routine and want Adams GONE asap… he’s nothing but a selfish cancer, and we need leaders right now

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