Hall of Fame Game canceled

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Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL continues to say the regular season will start on time. The preseason, however, will not.

The Hall of Fame Game, the league’s annual preseason kickoff in Canton, Ohio, has been canceled, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The enshrinement ceremony for the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 has also been postponed, likely until next year, when the Steelers and Cowboys are expected to face of in the 2021 Hall of Fame Game.

The cancelation of the Hall of Fame Game is the biggest concession the NFL has made yet to the pandemic. Although the league canceled the live event portion of the NFL draft, it still had the draft on its scheduled date and has gone through the offseason as if everything is proceeding as planned.

Whether further changes are coming in training camp, the preseason and the regular season only time can tell, but it’s clear that the pandemic is a force the league simply cannot control.

35 responses to “Hall of Fame Game canceled

  1. The way this is going, this year is going to turn into what happened in 1987 when the players went on strike and they had to use replacement players. So many players are going to get the virus and have to sit out, that we will be left with Detroit winning the Super Bowl and Chuck, the quarterback from a tiny D-III school that nobody can pronounce or spell, will win the MVP.

  2. might as well cancel the session now…
    there are alot of people who depend on the work nfl venues provide… give them fair warning to make other arrangements… don’t string them on week to week.

  3. I never liked that two teams each year had to play an extra pre-season game.

  4. The upcoming season and all the preseason talk just does not feel right. Some of us do not feel any real enthusiasm. Talk about killing the golden goose, it’s real-life “sarcastaball”.

  5. That game should have been canceled years ago. If the NFL really wants to “celebrate” they should play a regular season game there. I’m sure the Jags would give up another home game for the right price.

  6. I just cant see a football season that can be safe..at my age I cant risk going to games, so I hope theres refunds coming for us season ticket holders.

  7. Teams will be so sad they missed their chance to visit tropical Canton Ohio.

  8. The Hall will do a double booking next year for the inductees that were supposed to go in this year and also next years class so they can recoup the lost revenue from this years ceremony being cancelled, i am sure they will increase the ticket prices to make up for it.

    Can you imagine having approx 15 people being inducted the same year, the Hall will be rolling in cash which is their main objective with respect to inducting players/builders who really don’t deserve to get in the Hall which should be there for only the elite players not the good or very good players in which they have inducted a ton the last many years.

  9. it’s like they just wanna wait until that last minute to pull the plug
    they and everyone else that’s expecting a season to be played are just fooling them selves

  10. If/when the season is canceled, the comments here will go entirely off the rails. Page after page of certain fan bases telling us how THIS was the year their beloved team was going to win it all but the NFL (and of course, the refs) started this whole virus to keep it from happening.

    They will then provide hundreds upon hundreds of “stats” showing they “won the draft,” killed the offseason, and how all their bottom-of-the-roster guys were about to breakout and become the bests to ever play their respective positions.

    We all know which fan bases these are (except for those fan bases themselves) so they’ll remain nameless so that no one will be insulted. This way, A will think it’s B and C, B will think it’s A and C, and C will think it’s A and B.

  11. Football really needs fans to get the total experience. I could easily see basketball, baseball, and hockey being played in empty venues. But not the NFL. Even if there is a season, I can’t imagine having the same level of interest this year. No fans,some key players will be out with the virus, a lot more injuries with reduced workouts, – it has a bad feel to it.

  12. The NFL already said they will likely play only 2 preseason games and the fact that training camps begin July 28th cemented the reason to cancel the HOF game. It’s about waiting until the latest possible date to begin training camps and keep the regular season on schedule. It’s happening for all you that hate football, hate the Commissioner, despise overpaid athletes/owners or dislike the Pres. For the rest of us, we can’t wait!!

  13. NFL has no conscious always waiting till the last second to make a decision. How they can even consider having a season putting fans at risk for making money

  14. It’s over. It’s too bad the US prioritized politics over science. No cohesive leadership. Now we pay the price. #backtonormal

  15. Why don’t they play the game in a Bubble the game has been so entertaining for so many years Lol

  16. Don’t worry, everything will be completely different a month or two from now, and everything that’s unthinkable now will magically be available to us again, despite little sign that this country is taking this seriously or doing much of anything to join the rest of the world in a concerted effort to bring virus cases down to a manageable level. But it’s okay, because our denial will magically transform into complete freedom in just a couple months! Because that’s how it works!

  17. I think sports will exist no matter what but I do believe the sports world will take a money hit. Everything comes with a price. I still struggle with how people can protest on company time (peaceful or not). Average Americans of all races cannot due that or the super rich. The bigger issue at play here is class struggle.

  18. its a shame everything is so screwed up right now. I will really miss college football, NFL & then the draft will be whacked up too. They’ll be drafting guys based on what they did 2 years ago. They can’t even pick the right guys with fresh info.

  19. At least be realistic and cancel all pre-season games… More then likely most of the regular season will be wiped out as well. I don’t expect any games until at least the 5th of November…

  20. Just think for a second….see what not wearing a mask has done! The Mach yahoos have not only put football season in jeopardy but many lives lost that were preventable. Your loss of freedom is better than your loss of life…..pretty simple.

  21. Also, this game was cancelled recently, a couple years ago. It seems the NFL had 364 days to get the field ready for a game, but that didn’t give them quite enough time, and the paint was still literally wet.

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