Lane Kiffin among coaches lobbying to change Mississippi flag

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Former Raiders and current Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin is among the coaches in the Mississippi State Capitol today lobbying for the state to change its flag.

Mississippi is the only state whose flag bears the emblem of the Confederate flag, and Kiffin says it’s past time for Mississippi to join the rest of America.

“We removed the flag from our campus five years ago, so we’ve made it clear that it doesn’t represent who we are at Ole Miss,” Kiffin told ESPN. “Today is another big step in doing our part to move the state forward and ensure a more welcoming environment for everyone. This is extremely important to me and to our players. Time to change!”

Kiffin has also called for Ole Miss to remove a statue of a Confederate soldier from its campus.

Mississippi State coach Mike Leach also went to the State Capitol today to move for the flag to change. Leach’s star running back, Kylin Hill, has said he won’t play for Mississippi State this year if the flag doesn’t change.

4 responses to “Lane Kiffin among coaches lobbying to change Mississippi flag

  1. Next to drop is Rebels. They weren’t exactly named after a James Dean movie.

  2. Where does Lane Kiffin get off wanting to change the Mississippi flag? Takes over as HC and now he runs the state? He should be more worried about LSU and Bama. It’s such a shame how people are becoming so sensitive today. Life isn’t fair. Do your job and make the best of it.

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