Matt Rhule: Teddy Bridgewater’s got a “great arm”

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Matt Rhule was asked Thursday about the “narrative” that Teddy Bridgewater lacks the arm strength to be a downfield passer.

While the Panthers believe Bridgewater has deep-ball accuracy, Rhule also indicated Joe Brady’s offense won’t ask Bridgewater to do that often.

“Teddy, for us, is exactly what we want,” Rhule said, via Joe Person of “I think this offense in general, when you look at in New Orleans, that iteration of it, where Joe first learned it, is not necessarily a vertical, down-the-field passing game as much as it is a catch-and-run, underneath, matchup type passing game.

“You obviously have to be able to throw the ball downfield. Teddy’s got a great arm. I can remember he threw what I would call a launch route 48 yards down the right sideline to the 12-yard line against somebody. So he certainly has the arm strength to do it.”

Rhule named DJ Moore, Robby Anderson and Curtis Samuel as “deep-play threats.”

14 responses to “Matt Rhule: Teddy Bridgewater’s got a “great arm”

  1. Not sure if serious or not? Either way I watched this guy play at Minnesota. He’s got the Psychology if elevating his teammates somehow don’t ask me how, it’s a skill called charisma Panthers to do upsets this year.

  2. good luck to Joe Brady but all the givens that he had in New Orleans and at Lsu (excellent head coach and qb, elite roster talent at Lsu) are so far completely unproven. Bad roster at carolina, 1st overall pick contender alert!

  3. Teddy Bridgewater is a good quarterback with a number of excellent qualities. He’s certainly accurate, but does not have a great arm.

  4. The Vikings opted to pay Kirk Cousins $30+ million a year for multiple years instead of rolling the dice with Teddy for $8 million or less. That makes the Herschel Walker and Randy Moss trades look good.

  5. Teddy Bridgewater will do great things for the Panthers and someday be known as a great QB!

  6. He actually did not look bad backing up Drew last year. The man just came off a terrible injury, everyone should wish him the best regardless if you are a panther’s fan or not. All the odds in the world are against this team. If they win half their games to me that would be a milestone. In reality I expect them to come out the gate strong because nobody knows what to expect. Once the league figures them out they will shut them down and the growing pains will happen. It might be the perfect situation for a new coach to be in. Reason for most likely there will be no fans in the stands to boo them in his first year, when the going gets tuff. Good luck to the coaches and the entire team.

  7. Rookie coach: here’s how far our qb can throw and the 3 receivers he would throw deep to.

  8. How many quarterbacks in the NFL have a “great arm”? And out of those, how many of those are “winners”? You’ll find the numbers get lower and lower. Having a “great arm” is not a prerequisite to being a winner. You want the QB who is the best for running your offense, and if Teddy B WASN’T that guy, then Joe Brady (who helped coach him in NO) wouldn’t have lobbied for him to take over the Panthers.

  9. Not one of the strongest arms in the league but very accurate downfield. Arm strength is only a big deal when your game is built around your arm strength, trying to get the ball into tight windows. Timing is more important.

  10. Today, Teddy’s arm is better than Brees’ and it’s probably on par with 43 year old Brady’s arm. Plus the division does not have too many games in the elements so the Panthers will be fine.

  11. For all this talk about Carolina likely having a top pick next year… you’re probably right. But I think it will be a lot of high scoring losses.

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