NFL owners approve covering first few rows of seats at every stadium

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NFL owners today approved the plan to cover the lower rows of seats closest to the field in every stadium.

The move will further protect players, coaches and team staff from COVID-19 exposure if fans are allowed, and it also will provide sponsorship opportunities.

A report Wednesday said the league would make the first six to eight rows in every stadium, including on-field suites, off limits to fans. Teams can place sponsor logos or messaging with team and league initiatives on the seat coverings.

It provides an opportunity for local sponsors to get camera-visible signage for the first time and will help teams defray pandemic-related revenue losses.

English Premier League teams repurposed empty seating sections for ads during return to play last week.

6 responses to “NFL owners approve covering first few rows of seats at every stadium

  1. What happens to fans who have season tickets in those particular seats? If those fans are moved into other seats, what happens to those other seat owners, etc. ?

  2. In Cleveland, can they just cover the whole stadium? Asking for a friend 🙂

  3. “It’s totally safe” says the NFL “but we’re not gonna let the fans get anywhere near the players. Are you crazy?”

  4. My family back in GB has front row seats in Lambeau. Does my family just get moved back or lose the seats? It’s not Jacksonville; the stadium is already sold out. Another incomplete NFL idea.

  5. If it’s safe enough to have fans, it’s safe enough not to have this plan.

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