Saints reaching out to season ticket holders in first eight rows

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NFL owners approved a plan to cover the rows of seats closest to the playing field with tarps on Thursday and one team has started working to take care of the season ticket holders who usually fill those seats.

Saints vice president of communications Greg Bensel issued a statement outlining how the team plans to proceed with those customers this fall.

“Based on the NFL meeting today, it will be mandated that stadiums cover the first eight rows in the stadiums,” Bensel said, via Sean Fazende of FOX8. “This covering is being done for health and safety of players, staff, employees, fans and broadcasters. We are already in the process of working with and reaching out to our season ticket holders making it a priority to accommodate and relocate them. We will also offer them a number of options for the 2020 season including a refund or credit and it will not impact their season ticket holder status moving forward.”

Bensel added that any procedures for shifting seats would be revisited for the postseason.

In addition to providing spacing that can help on the health and safety front, the tarps can also carry ads that would presumably make up for some of the lost revenue from ticket sales this year.

8 responses to “Saints reaching out to season ticket holders in first eight rows

  1. I already sent a love letter to the Seahawks regarding my season tickets and their potential attendance control. I don’t sit down there luckily. Hopefully they don’t force anyone not in that seating area to change or give up their seats….

  2. If they’re going to limit fans in attendance, they’ll probably rotate each season ticket holder to 3 of the 8 home games to have enough spacing between seats/groups.

    Playoffs will be done randomly to make it fair.

  3. Are people really going to pack em in to these stadiums? I mean after rows 1-8? I have to assume the liability protection for the teams and the NFL that fans must sign is being crafted by the top legal firms.

  4. All teams need to offer full refunds including PSL without losing the seats for good.

  5. The absolute stupidity with which far too many states have operated during this pandemic is mind-boggling. Louisiana is one of them.

    By the time September rolls around,the pandemic will be worse than it was in April thanks to all the local, state and federal geniuses running the country.

  6. They’re reaching out to season ticket holders alright. Reaching out to pick their pockets more like it.

  7. I can’t believe they are still considering full stadiums. I personally don’t want to be in a crowd of 70,000 screaming fans. They say it passes through droplets so I would think the chance of spreading it would be higher than normal. Before and after the game public transportation is packed, the bathrooms and concessions will be backed up and it is miserably trying to exit the stadium before and after the game under normal conditions. My ticket representative said we would have an answer by July 31st. I read an article today that said players will have to have the option of opting out but what about the fans? I see 2 teams have stepped up but now waiting for the rest to do the same.

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