Bears excited about the offseason growth of Riley Ridley

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The Bears signed Ted Ginn Jr., and they drafted Darnell Mooney in the fifth round. They have options to go with Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller.

But receivers coach Mike Furrey said don’t forget about Riley Ridley.

“I think the biggest growth we’re going to see with anybody in our room is going to be Riley Ridley,” Furrey said last week, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Ridley, a fourth-round choice in 2019, is the brother of Calvin Ridley. He played only 106 offensive snaps in five games, seeing action for the first time in Week 13.

Ridley finished last season with six catches for 112 yards.

“His preparation right now, his attitude, his desire, the passion he has to become successful in this game — he loves the process,” Furrey said, “and I believe when you love the process, it’s going to be successful. And so I’m excited about Riley. From the time we left the last snap last year to where we will be this training camp, you’re going to have a guy coming in that now has the confidence he can play in the NFL. He’s done things in the NFL now. He’s had production — obviously late — but he’s had production.”