Cliff Harris can wait another year for the Hall of Fame

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Cliff Harris, who played for the Cowboys from 1970 to 1979, was finally selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year. But he won’t get in until next year.

Harris and the rest of the Class of 2020 won’t be enshrined until 2021 after this week’s decision to delay the ceremony because of COVID-19. But Harris says he’s waited long enough that one more year won’t be a problem.

“At my age, every year is precious for me these days,” Harris said. “And it’s an incredible position to be in. . . . The world will be stabilized next year, hopefully. I know with everything that’s going on here, with the whole world in turmoil, right now I know it will be better next year. I feel like it. There will be peace, hopefully, and I want that to happen.”

The 71-year-old Harris says he’s just glad to know he was selected.

“I’m happy to be going into the Hall of Fame,” Harris said. “I’m elated. It’s just incredible. It’s beyond my belief that I made it. So [the postponement], it’s like football, it’s like life. You’ve got to adjust to the situation and whatever that is and make the best of it. That’s the way I look at it.”

Now he has more than a full year to plan for next August’s enshrinement ceremony.

6 responses to “Cliff Harris can wait another year for the Hall of Fame

  1. I am happy for Cliff Harris, but he shouldnt have got voted in before fellow Cowboys Chuck Howley or Drew Pearson. Hopefully those two will be voted in soon.

  2. I would put Drew in ahead of Cliff but it’s close. Harris went to five pro bowls and had 29 interceptions as a safety. He wasn’t quite on Rod Woodson or Ronnie Lott’s level but you could make a case for him being a top ten safety in the NFL. I don’t think Drew Pearson was among the top twenty or so receivers although he may have been a top three receiver of the 70s

  3. I agree that Howley and Pearson should go in but Harris definitely deserved it as well, regardless of timing. Harris and Waters in the backfield was super fun to watch back in the 70’s.

  4. Back in the 70’s we had true football players, now we are stuck with athletically Diva’s
    and all the baggage that comes along with it.

  5. Pearson has a SB and made too many clutch catches, especially in the postseason and over the middle to not be in the HOF …

  6. Gives him one more year to make an escape plan if Jack Lambert gets too close.

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