Domed stadiums could accommodate fans

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The NFL strongly believes that it’s much harder to transmit the coronavirus in an outdoor setting than in a confined indoor space. So what about domed stadiums, which technically are indoors?

As a source with knowledge of the league’s thinking explains it to PFT, open-air stadiums are the best for games with fans, and domes with retractable roofs should be opened whenever practical. However, domed stadiums can still work.

Per the source, NFL domes have ventilation systems with the capacity to circulate air effectively. They’ve been designed, for example, to clean our the air in the event of an aerosol attack from terrorists. Thus, the ventilation systems should be able to remove internal air and replace it with external air, fairly effectively.

So if, in a given state, county, and city, fans can attend a game, the fact that the game will be played in a dome shouldn’t keep fans from showing up — even though it is better to play with no roof, if possible.

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  1. Open air stadiums are superior to domed atrocities anyway, at least as far as the general football experience goes.

  2. Wafflestomp says:
    June 26, 2020 at 8:02 pm
    Open air stadiums are superior to domed atrocities anyway, at least as far as the general football experience goes.
    First off, the Wafflestompers was my fantasy team name last year, still gives me a chuckle. However, not having to worry about rain/snow/wind makes the fan experience so much easier. I do enjoy a snow or rain game when watching on Sunday, mostly because I’m on my couch. I’d want my home team in a dome every time.

  3. Domed stadiums should be outlawed. If it is too hot, play at night. If it is too cold, put on some clothes.Real men play outdoors.

  4. Christopher Donald says: “Real men play outdoors.”

    REAL men don’t care. Indoors. Outdoors. It all doesn’t matter if the opponent is playing in the exact same conditions.

  5. ive been in a lot of nfl and college stadiums and most of the time im being a good guest of friends who are fans of the home team and not some annoying intruder. the Superdome is fun dude, call up ur nola friends if you got em or just put on some saints gear make up a story and go check a game out you will have an awesome time.

  6. They won’t open Mall’s because of the air filtration system but they will pack people into a domed stadium NFL lets not worry about the customer but lets make sure we empty there wallets

  7. Open air stadiums are superior to domed atrocities anyway, at least as far as the general football experience goes.


    I’ve been a season ticket holder since the 90’s. When our dome collapsed from snow, and we had to move outdoors, it was mostly fun. Our game against Seattle (tied for 3rd coldest playoff game) was cold but we tailgated all morning and I only wore gloves for about half the game. Not as fun (probably the ending ruined it for me). The cold wasn’t that bad but the new stadium, with a roof, is far better than being outside in that weather. I was able to smuggle in bottles of schnapps in my boots to put in the hot chocolate. But I’d still rather pay $10 a beer and be inside.

  8. Then let’s move all offices to domed stadiums. Heck, even play movies on the Jumbotron at night.

  9. Jared Spazniewski says: “The Vikings and Lions are domed teams with ZERO Championships.”

    You do know the Vikings (Mets Stadium) and the Lions (Tiger Stadium) played in open air stadiums too for 25+ years, right?

    Please explain that, along with Bills, Browns, Chargers, Jags, Panthers, Titans…

  10. Why is the NFL so blinded, even considering playing. I don’t care if you allow five hundred fans , you are rolling the dice. How in the world do you enforce anything when the game is over fans not walking out together, restrooms, eating areas. Fans talking about the game and they all have come from all different places. Total grasping for straws now with type of stadiums.

  11. The way things are going there’s no way, no how, that I’d subject myself to an NFL crowd, or MLB crowd, or NASCAR, or anything else like that, where a stadium-full of covid-deniers are infecting everyone else by their disregard for best medical and public health advice.

    Include me out.

  12. Remember the power outage in the Super Bowl in the New Orleans Superdome? If that happens again during the pandemic, the fans and players will be in deep doo doo.

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