Gayle Benson to change name of Dixie Brewery

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At least one NFL owner is willing to change the name of a long-standing and beloved brand in the face of societal pressure and a desire to be inclusive.

Saints owner Gayle Benson just announced in a statement that they’re changing the name of Dixie Brewery and all Dixie-branded products.

Benson and her late husband Tom bought the brewery — which has been in business more than 110 years — in 2017. They initially kept the name out of a stated desire to restore a local brand, but acknowledged that times have changed.

“We recognize, however, that our nation and community are currently engaged in critical conversations about racism and systemic social issues that have caused immeasurable pain and oppression of our black and brown communities,” she said in a statement. “As New Orleans, and our country, continue to evolve we find it necessary to reflect on the role our brewery can play in making our home more united, strong and resilient for future generations.

“As a result, we and our partners are committed to once again engaging in conversations with our neighbors, leaders and others to ensure that our brewery continues to be a business and brand our entire community feels represents them well and that they are proud to have as part of our culture.

“With inclusive input from all of our community stakeholders, we are preparing to change the name of our brewery and products that carry the Dixie brand and these conversations will determine what brand will best represent our culture and community.

“We look forward to listening, learning and making sure that our brewery fulfills its promise of uniting, inspiring and leading all in our community.”

It’s a novel concept, listening to customers, and make a conscious decision to no longer name your product after a dated reference which offends some portion of them.

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  1. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the origin of this nickname remains obscure. The most common theories according to A Dictionary of Americanisms on Historical Principles (1951) by Mitford M. Mathews are:

    “Dixie” is derived from Jeremiah Dixon, a surveyor of the Mason–Dixon line, which defined the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania, separating free and slave states subsequent to the Missouri Compromise.[22]
    The word “Dixie” refers to currency issued first by the Citizens State Bank in the French Quarter of New Orleans and then by other banks in Louisiana.[23] These banks issued ten-dollar notes[24] labeled Dix on the reverse side, French for “ten”. The notes were known as “Dixies” by Southerners, and the area around New Orleans and the French-speaking parts of Louisiana came to be known as “Dixieland”.[5] Eventually, usage of the term broadened to refer to the Southern states in general.

  2. Man – stuff that i didnt even know is racist is being made to be racist. Its like all of these protests are making the world racist once again. Strange times indeed. Its like we are going backwards.

  3. Only a matter of time before george Washington will he off of the dollar bill and won’t be mentioned in any text.

  4. How far can this go? If they found out something bad about William Penn would Pennsylvania need to find a new name?

  5. HagemeisterPark says:
    June 26, 2020 at 12:53 pm
    Man – stuff that i didnt even know is racist is being made to be racist. Its like all of these protests are making the world racist once again. Strange times indeed. Its like we are going backwards.


    Confederate flags, Dixie & other antebellum stuff didn’t suddenly “become” racist. They’ve always been racist. What’s happening is that things that people didn’t acknowledge as racist are finally being acknowledged and discussed as such. “The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice”.

  6. I’m with you on the Confederate issue … they were traitors who killed Americans. But not sure how the word Dixie fits in. It just refers to the South.

  7. Gee wizz . . . does this mean that we cannot tell an unfavoured politician to “Go whistle Dixie”?

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