Josh Allen wants to bring early 1990’s feeling back to Buffalo

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After a 17-year drought between playoff appearances was finally ended in 2017, the Buffalo Bills have found themselves in the postseason in two of the last three years.

While the Bills are still seeking their first playoff win since 1995, the team is better positioned now to compete legitimately than they have been in a very long time. Josh Allen’s progression in year two along with a formidable defense made the Bills a feisty team last year. Now with Tom Brady out of the division, the door may be ajar for the Patriots to be dethroned as the AFC East’s annual bell cow.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen wants to help the team recapture some of the enthusiasm in Buffalo that existed during the team’s run to four straight Super Bowl appearances in the early 1990’s.

I hear about it all the time about the early 90’s when J.K. (Jim Kelly) and Andre Reed and Thurman (Thomas) and Bruce (Smith) had that city buzzing,” Allen said in an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio. “That’s really the feeling that we’re trying to get back, that we’re trying to bring back to Buffalo. You know, our team has the right mindset to do it here pretty soon. We’re looking forward to playing this year.”

Allen accounted for 29 touchdowns last year combined passing and rushing along with nine interceptions. He threw for 3,089 yards and saw increased in both his completion percentage (58.8 percent) and passer rating (85.3). However, those numbers in particular still could use some more significant improvement for Allen to vault into the top-tier quarterbacks conversation. Having Stefon Diggs to throw passes to this season could go a long way toward helping those numbers out.

While Allen is aware that Brady’s departure from New England could present a greater opportunity for the other three teams in the division, Allen knows nothing will be given to the Bills.

“With Tom being gone everybody sees there’s an opportunity but I still see the Patriots being the best team in the division right now,” Allen said. “They’ve been to the playoffs the last 20 years basically. Just because they lose one guy I don’t think it’s going to be that much of a difference. I know Tom is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time but they also have one of the greatest coaches of all time. So we’re not taking that any differently. It’s going to be one game at a time. I definitely think our team has the right mindset going into it. I don’t think we’re expecting to be the favorites, expecting to go out there and win every single game It’s going to be a dog fight each and every game and we’re working hard right now.”

22 responses to “Josh Allen wants to bring early 1990’s feeling back to Buffalo

  1. Why? They never won anything, the K-Gun offense choked when it mattered most

  2. “I want to bring the early 90’s feel back, you know, the losing 4 Super Bowls in a row feeling.” Allen said.

    Just lose baby.

  3. If Josh Allen wants to bring back the early 90s feeling he had to improve a lot.
    Based on what I saw in the playoffs, he is not the answer.
    I wouldn’t give him a big contract.

  4. Brady is gone, but no worries about their coach. He has a losing record without Brady and I believe that continues now. Players win games, not coaches. Buffalo has an opportunity to establish themselves as a perennial playoff contender.

  5. Problem for Allen is that he is no Jim Kelly, and his receivers aren’t as good. Bubble burst right away.

  6. Not as long as you do some of the DUMBEST things I’ve ever seen a QB do on the football field.

  7. Josh Allen is going to end up becoming the greatest Bills’ QB of all time. I look at the careers of many HOF QBs, and Allen is off to a much better start. He’s only just beginning to grow into the position. It’s a great time and a fun time for Bills’ fans.

  8. LOL , I want the feel of Spring Break 1986 again….not going to happen.

  9. Happy Grass
    Oh My Lord. Typical insanely hyperbolic statement.
    They “never won anything.”
    Really. Just think on the absolute stupidity of that statement for a moment.

    Now, change the statement to something like “Despite the incredible success and a run of four straight super bowl appearances, they were never able to win the big game”… and then you have some kind of a useful/correct statement.

  10. To get back to that early 90’s “feeling,” it all starts with the right mindset. At least Josh can check that box.

  11. Josh was better in 2019 than he was in 2018. His progression is on the right arc, and he has the smarts and dedication to keep improving. Add in coaching stability and the future is bright for Allen and the Bills.

  12. Not a Bills Fan (nor hater) but there seems like there are a lot of supremely critical statement about the 90s Bills team here.

    Surprising that people consider that team so “bad” when they were better than every team in the AFC four years straight. (And don’t forget lost ONE of those games by a kick that missed by just a couple of feet)

    I have to say that I doubt four straight super bowls will ever be repeated. Not with today’s free agency movement.

  13. Man, look at the hate festival – can’t imagine what it will be like when the Bills string together a few deep playoff runs.

    Love Allen’s attitude. I also love how underestimated he is. I can always tell when someone hasn’t watched many of his games.

    Good times ahead. Now, if they could actually have a season…

  14. bodinibrown says:
    June 26, 2020 at 9:03 am

    Josh was better in 2019 than he was in 2018. His progression is on the right arc, and he has the smarts and dedication to keep improving. Add in coaching stability and the future is bright for Allen and the Bills.

    Yeah, Allen is a regular “stable, genius” he’s so smart.

    That play in the playoffs where he just threw the ball up in the air for no reason was his “genius” on display.

    Dude sucked in College but was drafted for his big arm, yet is at the bottom of the league in passes over 20 yards. Real keeper, this one LMAO!!

  15. Josh Allen has shown a lot of promises. Yes, he was outplayed by Deshaun Watson in the playoffs and by Baker Mayfield in the regular season. But overall, Josh Allen > Sam Darnold

  16. Interesting mindset, but here’s the thing, Josh ol’ boy–that 1990s feeling has it’s rivalry element which was the Dolphins….Kelly vs. Marino. Just like you have to prove you are the next Jim Kelly, Tua (or whoever, but it won’t be Fitz and it certainly won’t be Rosen!) will have top be the next Marino. Kelly usually beat out Marino, but can Allen usually beat out Tua? (or whoever)

    But a return of the true serious Bills-Fins rivalry will be a good thing, for both teams. Flores is a good up and comer, while McDermott might be one of the Bills’ best coaches ever (he makes Rex Ryan look like Butt-fumble!)

  17. You know your team is getting good when they have their own “hater groupies”.
    I’d love to know who these people are that flame every post that mentions the Bills. Always the same tired dribble: Wide Right,Trash Allen, etc. No original thought.

    The Bills have been massive small market underdogs for years. And they have organically rebuilt the entire organization the right way. It feels GREAT to root for them!

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