Kevin Stefanski is thinking about how to spread the ball around on offense

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Good news: The Browns have a lot of great players on offense. Bad news: The game still calls for only one football.

And so how will the Browns spread that one football among the likes of running back Nick Chubb, running back Kareem Hunt, receiver Odell Beckham Jr., receiver Jarvis Landry, tight end Austin Hooper, and tight end David Njoku?

“I actually went over that with the offensive staff this morning, just talking about carries, touches and what that looks like,‘’ Stefanski said during a Thursday videoconference, via Mary Kay Cabot of “It’s definitely on our mind. We know, having been on different teams with different offensive players, sometimes you have a great running back, great receiver or great tight end, and certainly, you have to be mindful and intentional about how you want to go about that while understanding that each week calls for a different game plan.”

In other words, some weeks will involve more running and less passing. Some will involve more passing. Some will involve more opportunities for Beckham. Some will involve fewer.

“We’re fortunate enough to have players at each of those levels that can affect the game, but it’s definitely on our mind of how you divvy that pie up and how you design plays,” Stefanski said.

The challenge will be getting players to buy in. The easiest way to accomplish that is to win. Without victories, players who aren’t getting the ball as much as they’d like to get the ball can easily convince themselves that, if only they got the ball more, they’d be winning.

That’s exactly what happened last year. As the Browns struggled to live up to unrealistic expectations in 2019, Beckham (and some teammates) became more and more vocal about his lack of targets and touches. That created stress on the offense, on the coaching staff, and on quarterback Baker Mayfield.

One of the biggest challenges for Stefanski will be to ensure that players set aside their desire to get the ball in their hands and let the offense unfold based on the circumstances of a given game. If they win, it will work. If they lose, Stefanski will have to spend extra time explaining to whoever isn’t getting the ball as much as he’d like to get the ball that the secret to winning doesn’t flow from forcing the ball to that specific player more frequently.

21 responses to “Kevin Stefanski is thinking about how to spread the ball around on offense

  1. The only way they win is if they have a QB that can play behind a subpar oline. Therefore, best situation would be Johnny Mayfield get hurt wk 1 of camp and they bring in the guy that likes to play dress up and post workout videos. (He has proven that he can play at an MVP level behind a subpar line)

  2. “Great players” who haven’t done a thing in the league. Plus, not a particularly likable bunch to root for. I would much rather back a hungry team with a contingent of supremely talented, humble players with true character (a la the Redskins with Dwayne Haskins, Terry MacLaren, Antonio Gandy Golden) as opposed to the likes of Mayfield, OBJ, and Hunt. While a team like the Redskins have universal appeal, outside the Cleveland area code you are not going to find too many fans pulling for the Browns. Just sayin’. #facts

  3. He definitely has the tools in place . I undoubtedly believe Mayfield, Chubb , and Landry( yes Landry) can be a real force in his offense..

  4. Better give it to OBJ or he’ll start crying in the media again.

    You can’t spell TEAM without:

    M-E F-I-R-S-T

  5. They still need to fix that defense. A lot of their losses last year where due to defense collapse and making QBs like Duck Hodges look like Patrick Mahomes.

  6. I thought it was Zimmer’s influence and unwillingness (plus Kirk’s ineptitude) which preventing the Vikings from ever opening up the offense. Hopefully, Stefanski doesn’t follow in Zimmer’s footsteps and realizes that you have to be able to throw the ball in this league. It’s impossible to ONLY win with defense and rushing the ball; never having a plan B. At some point, the quarterback has to earn his money. Zimmer doesn’t get that.

  7. Brilliant, way ahead of the other 31 teams. Genius it is, the Browns are a leader in offensive strategies.

  8. arealisticpackerfan
    Clearly you don’t watch Vikings games (other than the ones against the Pack)
    Your comments could not be more incorrect.

  9. What a goof. Last seasons “throw it to Beckham whether he’s open or not until the receivers are literally seen yelling at me On the sidelines” Freddie Kitchens offense was hall of fame worthy.

  10. I’m a long time Browns fan/sufferer. Sorry Baker you completely turned me off brother. I’m sorry coach, you won’t be able to figure it out, I’ve seen this movie before

  11. Ball being spread around effectively starts with the QB. Mayfield seems more intent on showing off about kneeling this up coming season.

  12. Just strengthen the defense and the offense will work fine. When the games are competitive, your offense can spread it around and the defense doesn’t know what’s coming. When you fall behind, you become very predictable, and the opposing defense is in control. A QB’s best friend is a shut down defense.

  13. Well let me help you out coach it is not going to happen this year. First things first draft offensive lineman to give the QB a chance to throw. Next find you a QB, not a loud mouth. You have to many of them on the team already. You have your work cut out for you coach, but in a about 3 years you might win half your games in that division. Keep your chin up because it is going to be a ruff 2 or 3 years for sure.

  14. The one thing that will get spread around all offenses this fall is the ‘rona. And that, my fiends, will cause all the balls to get dropped. Count on it.

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