Kim Pegula wore headset for Bills’ regular-season finale

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Bills co-owner and president Kim Pegula got closer to the action than owners typically do on game days for the Bills’ regular-season finale.

Pegula revealed this week that she wore a headset in Week 17 to get a better feel for the job coaches are doing on Sundays. She said Dan Evans, the Bills’ vice president of information technology, convinced her that it was the best way to learn how the people who work for her do their jobs.

“He said to me, ‘If you really want to know what’s going on on the field, you need to be on the headset,'” Pegula told Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News. “I’m like, ‘Oh, am I allowed to be on a headset?’ So I picked a game after we had made the playoffs. I peeked in, they had the headset for me, and my reaction was, ‘Oh, my gosh!’ Organized chaos is all I could say. I’m sure they all knew exactly what everyone was saying at the same time. But just listening on the headset really gave me an appreciation for what it really takes — whether you’re an offensive [coordinator], a position coach or the head coach — and for the time, the speed of everything that’s happening and the decision-making that you have.”

Pegula participated in this week’s NFL Quarterback Coaching Summit to help retain and develop minority coaches, and she let them know that the experience gave her a renewed appreciation for the work they do on Sundays.

11 responses to “Kim Pegula wore headset for Bills’ regular-season finale

  1. Owner privilege. I would love to be able to hear what is said during games by pro coaches. In college (then PAC-10), I helped out the video and audio and as a spotter for our team in the press box. I could hear the coordinators in the box but not the back forth from the sidelines. From what I could hear, organized chaos is a very good description.

  2. Actually i think it was good. It shows how much she doesn’t know and she has a whole
    new perspective and appreciation. We are not talking about Dan Snyder here.

    She’s not trying to call plays or be the coach.

  3. I think its’ a really bad sign. She already has thrown the Sabres GM under the bus firing him two weeks after giving him approval for the upcoming season. Kim has made comments about needing revenue from her sports teams to support the style of living she is accustomed to.
    Her track record isn’t good and she is both president of the Bills and Sabres.

  4. Kim Pegula listening into gameday calls on headset is basically the equivalent of Beetlejuice from Howard Stern listening on a headset to NASA mission control during a manned space launch.

  5. Can coaches and players listen in owners’ meeting? Otherwise, owners need stay in their lane.

  6. She’s bad news and everyone knows it, why some try to hide it is beyond me.

  7. Every family run business is like this. The hard working professionals have to coddle the entitled rich owners. At least she earned her money, and didn’t just marry … oh wait.

  8. Everyone is so judge mental without even knowing her. She made the right move canning Botteril, and she also made the right move with McDermott. Good things coming.

  9. All these people lambasting her for wanting to know more about how her business is run? Come on man. That’s admirable. She wasn’t trying to interfere with anything on gameday at all, just getting a feel for it. I’m sure if she was instead an absent owner who just sat back and collected checks you wouldn’t have a problem with that at all, huh?

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