LeBron James says NFL needs to officially apologize to Colin Kaepernick

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Roger Goodell has apologized for the league’s inability to initially absorb the message from its players from player protests during the national anthem since 2016. Goodell has said he would encourage teams within the NFL to sign Colin Kaepernick after a four-year absence as he was cast aside by the league’s teams following his decision to protest that started the movement.

Star NBA player LeBron James believes there’s an apology that has yet to be given that needs to be by the NFL.

In an interview with Jason Kelly of Bloomberg Businessweek, James said Kaepernick himself deserves a direct apology from the league.

“As far as the NFL, I’m not in those locker rooms, I’m not with those guys, but I do understand that an apology — I have not heard a true, official apology to Colin Kaepernick on what he was going through and what he was trying to tell the NFL and tell the world about why he was kneeling when he was doing that as a San Francisco 49er. I just see that to still be wrong. Now they are listening some, but I still think we have not heard that official apology to a man who basically sacrificed everything for the better of this world,” James said.

The comment came as James was asked about himself and other NBA players wearing “I can’t breathe” shirts during warmups following the killing of Eric Garner by police in 2014 and the ability of basketball players to be vocal about causes in the NBA.

“One thing I can speak for is what I’m apart of,” James said. “I’m a part of a league with a great commissioner in Adam Silver and he’s always listened to the voices of his players and I’ve always respected him for that. He’s given us an opportunity that when we feel something that’s very wrong with society, that’s very wrong with what’s going on in our communities, that we can speak upon that and use the NBA’s shield to back us and I have nothing but respect for Adam Silver.”

Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month, the NFL – after some direct pressure from some of its brightest young, black stars – ramped up their support against police brutality and systemic racism. Those were the same messages that Kaepernick was making his protest during the national anthem toward with the 49ers in 2016.

There could be some legal reasons for the NFL not to directly apologize to Kaepernick. In theory, it could go toward an argument that the league is admitting it did its best to keep him without a job ever since he was released by the 49ers following the 2016 season. That’s the case Kaepernick made when he sued the league for collusion in a case that was settled last year.

The NFL now appears to be championing the same message that got Kaepernick tossed aside. That’s what makes James think Kaepernick is due an apology.

31 responses to “LeBron James says NFL needs to officially apologize to Colin Kaepernick

  1. They already have with the settlement agreement they paid him. LeBron, either run for office or stay in your lane. The NFL ain’t the NBA. Shouldnt you be focused on the upcoming season?

  2. Thank you LeBron for always speaking the truth even when others are afraid to do so. Society needs more men like you and Kaep who choose conscience over everything else. Right and wrong ought to mean more in this country. Let’s hope for the future it does.

  3. Apologize for what? CK opted out of his contract and turned down a $7M offer by the Broncos in a sign-and-trade. To this day no one has ever heard what CK’s contract demands are either. The guy lacks transparency and integrity. With all of the time off that he’s had since leaving the league, what ongoing community service has he been doing in order to effect change?

  4. Why? Kap was a sub par QB. He was hurt and lost alot of weight and arm strength. When your not that good and a sub par player with alot of baggage, you dont get signed

  5. Apologize for what?

    Kaepernick didn’t sacrifice anything.

    Kaepernick became unemployed because he wasn’t willing to sign a contract commensurate with his declining skills. He priced himself out of the market.

    Nike has stepped in and is paying him more than he’s worth and he blackmailed the NFL for additional millions of $$$.

    Kaepernick owes us an apology.

  6. You think Michael was busy worrying about the politics of other sports leagues? No, I believe he was focused on getting rings. Lebron isn’t as good at that.

  7. Might be an unpopular opinion in these difficult times but I think Kap is a straight up fraud. Bailed on the Broncos deal, purposely torpedoed the Ravens deal, then bailed on his private work out. He could have had a platform in the XFL but declined, and if he really wanted a job in the NFL he would make it known that salary wasn’t an issue. In fact, he could force a lot of hands simply by saying he’d play for free this year and give whatever salary he had to the cause. That’s what a martyr does, he doesn’t sit in the shadows and act like a victim because no one will make him as rich as he’d like to be. Fraud.

  8. LeBron… Someone convinced him that he has some sort of relevancy on social issues – or any issue at all. I hate to break this to you, Mr. James…but…..

  9. Last I checked LeBron, the NFL still does not have a rule/clause banning protest. The NBA does though. So why don’t you go cause upheaval in your Sport for change?

    Kaepernick and the players were allowed to protest until it became Political, then the NFL’s business started to be affected. They tried to reason with him to take a different approach but he was too self righteous and selfishly motivated by the noise in his name to adjust wisely.

    Now no one trust him. Period.

    So go away with your foolishness as if this is an NFl problem.

  10. No. Kaepernik owes everyone who was ever oppressed by Fidel Castro an apology. Idolizing that man by wearing a T-shirt is an affront to human decency.

  11. It’s called legal jeopardy.

    IF the NFL apologizes, they would be admitting that they handled CK wrong and that puts them in legal jeopardy.

  12. Nike athlete supporting a Nike athlete.

    Disagree. Nike decided to stay with KC, even when it didn’t help their brand. It’s rare when corporations do the right thing even if it cost them money. Nike did just that.

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