Rams envision “a number of different capacity scenarios”

Getty Images

The league approved a measure to tarp off seats in the first several rows of each stadium to sell as advertisements, and more and more teams are coming to grips with the reality those might not be the only empty seats.

According to Jourdan Rodrigue of TheAthletic.com, the Rams sent an email to season ticket holders which outlined “a number of different capacity scenarios.”

The Rams are offering a refund for season tickets, or the option to carry over payments to 2021 in case they’re part of the small group who may be allowed in to a game this year. They’re also allowing fans to skip this season and maintain their season ticket holder privileges, as other teams including the Patriots and Giants have done.

Given the social distancing need created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and local rules limiting the amount of people who can be in one place at a particular time, it seems apparent that fans will be in short supply at the start of the season for most teams, if they’re there at all.