Browns undecided on who will call plays

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The Browns’ new coaching staff has not yet settled on a play caller.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said he’ll decide at some point during the preseason whether he or offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt will be the primary play caller.

That really remains to be seen,” he said. “I’d like to get everybody back in the building, get out there practicing and get together before we make that decision. That decision will be made before September 13, I promise you that.”

Stefanski was the Vikings’ offensive coordinator last season and will surely play a very heavy role in crafting the offense, but as a first-year head coach, Stefanski may feel that he needs to have a hand in everything on game days, and that he’ll be better off if Van Pelt is managing the offense.

22 responses to “Browns undecided on who will call plays

  1. Given the way this off-season is playing out, wouldn’t it be better for him to commit to calling the plays this year but be open to reevaluating as it progresses?

  2. Just as long as you pass it to OBJ every other play, so as to keep him from crying…

  3. these days with the virus spike . im more worry about will there be FOOTBALL ????

  4. This is so Browns. Aren’t these things you figure out before you build your staff?

  5. If it works, he called it.
    If it flops, Van Pelt called it.
    Any other questions?

  6. Just have Van Pelt call the plays. We as fans have seen this since 1999 that a head coach, especially a first year HC, can not hold this responsibility. Please don’t make this mistake again, the proof is in the pudding.

  7. “Who’s calling the plays?” That’s a question that has been asked every offseason in Cleveland since 1999.

  8. Please just get me some wins. I don’t care who plays or who calls them.

  9. “Who’s calling the plays?” That’s a question that has been asked every offseason in Cleveland since 1999.

    That’s a question that everyone – players and coaches – ask during every game.

    I say let a different fan call each and every play. Can’t hurt.

  10. I’ve never understood how a coach gets hired for his offense then doesn’t call the plays. Like bro that’s why you got hired. What you gonna do ? Stand around and clap Jason Garrett style

  11. I would think if you are interviewing for the job that would be one of the first concerns and set expectations upfront. You all are right though…it’s the browns and just another day at the factory of sadness.

  12. Lol geez didn’t they hire Jackson because of that. They fired Freddie because he was calling the plays. They hired stefanski because some algorithm of his offense that was based on Gary kubiAk’s offensive scheme. The year Stefani had it and what’s his face had they missed the playoffs, it’ll be the same thing. Then you Mary Kay asking why all her lobbying to get Freddie fired was a waste.

  13. Unless you’ve been working with your defensive coordinator and specials teams coach for a few years, I’d let the offensive coordinator call the plays. I couldn’t imagine a rookie head coach getting bogged down calling plays, unless you have a guy like a Wade Phillips on your sideline who has been a head coach and a defensive coordinator for decades.

  14. I’ll bet there’s few plays called at all this year at all anyway so it’s really about who’s calling plays in 2021. And it’ll probably be a chick.

  15. Wouldn’t making that call right now be best for the offense and then they know who’s playbook they have to learn, but letting them wonder and trying to learn 2 playbooks for a few weeks during training camp so he’s going to eat up weeks of training camp before he makes a decision, this will most certainly put them WAY behind the other teams = the Browns being the Browns!

    New GM, new HC same old Browns mistakes.

  16. Living just 50mi from Cleveland and watching this circus of a team for almost 60yrs I can honestly say this is BY FAR the worst run organization in all of football!

    And when most of my friends ask me “when are you going to become a Browns fan”? I just laugh and say “IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN, lifes to short to put myself through all that misery”!

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