Ravens take the “pure death” conditioning test virtually

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Virtual workouts can still be literal hell.

Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com explains that the Ravens’ virtual offseason workouts included the team’s notoriously challenging conditioning test.

It is pure death,” former Ravens running back Justin Forsett told Hensley. “It is the hardest conditioning test I had throughout my time in the NFL,” added Forsett, who played for seven teams.

The test consists of players running 900 yards in six sets, with multiple changes of direction. Each set consists of 150 yards, with players running out and back three times. The time limit ranges from 32 seconds to 27 seconds, with 64 seconds of rest between each set.

As Hensley explains, things start getting dicey in the fourth of six sets.

“My legs were gone by then,” former Ravens cornerback Fabian Washington told Hensley. “You can’t pick them up. It feels like you’re running in mud. It was definitely a shock. . . . It’s literally the hardest crap ever.”

And it’s something that the team did this year by having players place their phones on tripod so the coaches could see them do it, and to time them. In an offseason with no opportunities to work directly with players, the conditioning test at least helps ensure that, when they show up for training camp, they’ll be in shape.

8 responses to “Ravens take the “pure death” conditioning test virtually

  1. How come the Lions players were complaining about Matt Patricias training regimen?

    An NFL game is grueling, it helps to be in tip-top shape. I would think this would be par for the course.

    Have you ever seen defenses gassed by a hurry-up offense? Are those players in top shape, or just “good” shape.

    If you want to win in pro-sports you probably need to be in extremely good shape.

  2. A pre-season timed conditioning test is “maximal”.

    Being “maximal” it will be challenging to lazy, out of shape players
    and disciplined professional.

    THAT SAID… a running back and a defensive back who total one good season
    in their combined 15 nfl seasons is very telling.

    If I put my money down… I bet…

  3. A lineman being gassed is much different
    than a speed/skill position players being gassed.

  4. “It’s literally the hardest crap ever” – is this about conditioning or is it about diet? 😂

  5. I’m a 50 year old masters division sprinter. I would be challenged by this because my effort level to meet the time constraints is closer to maximum, but its doable. For 20 something professional football players, it shouldn’t be that hard.

    Put in perspective, this is 25 yards out and back 3 times in 27-32 seconds. What makes this difficult is the stop, turn, and acceleration in the opposite direction, because the distance itself is nothing. Then a minute break, do it 5 more times. If they were to do this in straight line 150 yard runs, you’d knock the target time down a LOT, probably closer to 22-26.

  6. EvilDave gets it.

    Yep. Out of shape football speed position athletes complaining.
    Disciplined, well trained athletes would feel it but not struggle.

    Dan Pfaff/Tom Tellez/Boo Schexnayder/Gary Winkler/etc.
    would be embarrassed by these guys.

  7. Look, Justin Forsett is a short guy… this test is much easier for guys with long legs.

    But yes, they are paid millions of dollars to do things such a run. So all skill position players should pass this.

    And with that being said… maybe it IS the toughest test any NFL team gives players. I wouldn’t say that’s a mark on the Ravens, but more a statement about the rest of the league.

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