Aaron Jones on AJ Dillon’s arrival: I’m just gonna raise my game

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There’s been plenty of attention paid to how the Packers will manage things with quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love after the Packers traded up to take Love in the first round.

There’s been a little less attention paid to how another offensive starter named Aaron will respond to the team drafting a player at his position. The Packers drafted AJ Dillon in the second round with Aaron Jones coming off a 19-touchdown season and looking for a new contract.

During a recent appearance on NFL Network, Jones said that Dillon’s arrival will lead him to push himself harder heading into his fourth season.

“I know it’s the NFL,” Jones said. “They’re bringing in guys every day to compete so I mean it’s just gonna raise my game and I’m excited to have him there and start working with him, teaching him the playbook and everything.”

Raising his game above last year would set Jones up well for his next deal, although the question of whether it will come in Green Bay will have something to do with how quickly Dillon develops this year.

23 responses to “Aaron Jones on AJ Dillon’s arrival: I’m just gonna raise my game

  1. mypercyhurts2 says:
    June 28, 2020 at 10:51 am
    Man, I hate that response. That just means you didn’t raise your game to start. He had 19 tds! lol

  2. The point is that every single game, a player should expect and plan to play his best game ever. The Greats do. My issue wasn’t how great he was last season, it was that he didn’t just say “I will continue to be great and I welcome the competition”.

  3. Anyone can always find a motivation to raise their game. If Jones wants to use Dillon’s presence to do that, more power to him.

  4. AJ Dillon adds The Thunder to Aaron Jones Lightning.

    Thunder and Lightning makes this offense stronger. No debate.

    I am very excited to see Thunder and Lightning in action this season.👍


  5. Jones is a great runner with vision to find the holes. Not something Packers fans are used to. The Packers will have to pay him if they can. The salary cap is going to be an issue moving forward for all teams. No team knows what the future holds, but lost revenue is going to be a huge problem.

  6. In an ideal world Aaron Jones’ new deal would be cut and dried.
    But the reality is that his extension is a luxury.

    The running back has turned out to be the most easily replaceable football position in the NFL.
    And a significant portion of your cap space should be used in the trenches.
    That’s why resigning David Bakhtiari and Kenny Clark are the priorities, especially with an uncertain cap future in 2021 and beyond.

    In fact, I’m sure that’s the vary reason AJ Dillon was tabbed in the first place.
    It would honestly be more prudent, economically, to ink Jamaal Williams to a reasonable extension and move on from there.
    They may lose something overall in the swap, hopefully not, but that’s the gamble when dealing with salary caps and team building.
    You have to prioritize, you simply can’t keep everybody.

    Anyway, this situation is a year away from resolution, and I’m currently focused on and excited to see just how good this rushing attack can be with Jones, Dillon, and the addition of a new H-back in the fold.
    However the Aaron Jones decision shakes out, somebody will be getting a terrific football player and a quality person.

  7. And continue to lead the league in fumbling?
    So we’re just making stuff up for attention now?

  8. “I’m excited to have him there and start working with him, teaching him the playbook and everything.”

    That sounds like an admirable way to raise his game: Help the team.

  9. cheeseisfattening says:
    June 28, 2020 at 4:51 pm

    Why do Packer players continually need extra motivation?


    Maybe you could ask Stefon Diggs to answer that.

  10. Whether with the Packers or someone else the guy has fefinitely earned that second contract. Complete back.

  11. As a Steelers fan Dillon was a player that I coveted in the 2020 draft. He’s going to be a good Pro.

  12. To late for that, why do you think they drafted this beast. Green Bay is going to love this young man. In my opinion he is the best running back in this years draft. Oh and Aaron Jones you can go ahead and pack your bags you time is almost up.

  13. It’s a luxury to have running backs that aren’t injured 50% of the time and holding out for a new contract.

  14. flviking says:
    June 29, 2020 at 8:02 pm
    Thunder and lightning….. what a child 👶
    Well you gotta remember Dwight Schrute already copyrighted the following:

    Dwight: Basher, thrasher, crasher, and-

    Jim: Smasher!

    Dwight: Smasher no! Where did you get that? Fireball!

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