Cam Newton lays foundation for huge 2021 payday

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Even if new Patriots quarterback Cam Newton hits every incentive in his one-year deal (which are all presumably based on playing and playing well), he’ll make $7.5 million. As NFL starting quarterbacks go, that’s peanuts.

But Newton realizes that peanuts now can lead to platinum later, if he plays well and sets the stage for a shot at free agency in 2021 or, at worst, the franchise tag in New England (assuming the contract lets them use it). He could have waited for a starter to get injured in 2020, but plenty of teams who lose their QB1 opt to bump QB2 into the top spot, given that he knows the system better than a stranger.

In New England, Newton will learn the system. If healthy, he should be able to win the starting job. If healthy, the Patriots should be able to win plenty of games.

To put the move in proper perspective, think of it this way: How are Dolphins, Bills, and Jets fans feeling tonight? Not too good.

Patriots fans have to be feeling great. Although the team believes in its system, the man who runs the show is smart enough to know that Newton is better than anyone they had on the roster. Now, he gets a change to earn the starting job, to re-establish himself as a high-end player, to perhaps chase a Super Bowl win, and to position himself to be one of the top free agents available in 2021 — unless he extends his stay in New England indefinitely.

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  1. I have to admit, I would not have been in favor of an injured $20-25 million Cam Newton.

    But an incentive laden deal on a healthy, hungry Cam Newton?? Sure, I’ll take one of those.

  2. Anyone else find it weird/ironic/coincidental that the Pats are involved in 100% of the NFL’s cheating scandals since 2000?

  3. That is your idea, mine is they lost a 3rd round pick they need draft picks to improve the team and this is nothing more than trade bait before the trade deadline. Bill knows that this move is like food in the freezer which is like money in the bank. He will get some nice draft picks for him once teams get desperate for QB’s. To me this shows me just how much smarter Bill is compared to all the other 31 teams.

  4. The Pats had 650k in cap space and we likely won’t have a season anyway. I am not even sure tbis is real news.

    That has to be a salary if he makes the roster…..if he makes the roster…This is a tryout contract and if he makes the roster, beats out Hoyer, Thuney must be on his way out. Othewise, they can’t afford his salary.

    There is no other explanation. He likely won’t even be on the roster. It’s a tryout like Tebow had a tryout.

    Doesn’t pass the sniff test.

  5. It’s the perfect deal for both sides, and if Bill and Josh get Cam back to MVP form the internet will break with hate

  6. giants fan laughing tonight at all the other afc east fans comments i’ve seen on here since tom left..looks like you counted the chicks before they hatched hahah

  7. Brilliant move; now the Belichick gets to build a super-team around a QB on essentially a rookie-contract, akin to Seattle in the early Wilson years, the LA Rams in years 2 and 3 of the Goff era, and Kansas City and Baltimore the past two years with Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, respectively.

  8. LMAO yeah no, sCam will never see a “big payday.” He will be lucky to even start a game.

  9. He’ll start (if healthy). You don’t bring him in there to mentor on the sideline. This likely is a transition move when NE will look for a QB at the top of the draft. If they aren’t winning, Stidham will get to finish the year. Hoyer will hang out as a covid emergency starter.

  10. Belichick is obviously a genius, always has been. If this pans out, he’ll take that to another level. If not and they get the #1 pick, he’s still a genius.

  11. Good for Cam. He’s been working hard and it’s been difficult to show his health to teams due to the pandemic.

  12. Looks like a big gamble for New England here. They’re taking a big shot on a flamboyant character that could backfire on them. On the other hand Newton gets a chance to turn his career around.

    Belichek will either further cement his brilliance or could do some damage to it.

  13. I’m surprised it isn’t a 2 year deal with a $40 million second year that effectively eliminates the franchise tag option and lets Cam hit the market early.

  14. In certain ways it’s no different then a team signing Kaep. You have a lot of film that makes him look like a future HOF, but for many reasons, both on and off the field, you know he’s not that player anymore.

    I just don’t see him walking in without an off-season and learning a playbook that’s designed for Tom Brady, let alone step in and win.

  15. AFCE fans should be ecstatic.

    Cam has been the new Donovan Mcnabb since his entrance into the league: forced down the NFL fans throat because the media salivates for a QB with melanin.

    It was the Panthers Defense that got them to the Owl back in 2015.

    Cam buckled under pressure

  16. Idk. I’m a fins fan and this definitely feels like a lateral move considering what they had prior to this signing. Not saying I feel good about what fins have either.
    Cam Newton when healthy and on top of his game, is a force to reckon with. But that has been far and few between. He followed up his stellar 2015 MVP campaign by completing just 52% of his passes in 2016. Bad offensive line or not, that is a putrid number. He is just 59% for his career that puts him way at the bottom of QBs that came in at the same time or since.

    Could he do well or excellently? Sure.
    But from what we have seen of him and of late, I’m not too worried.

    But you never know….

  17. This works well for both parties. Cam gets a chance to sign with a team before training camp, and the Pats get a chance to bury the latest news about cheating.

  18. Take some notes Kap. Sign a team friendly deal and prove you are worth it with incentives. Anything else comes across as you wanting free $$$.

  19. So the Pats go from one of the most accurate passers in history to a guy who needs Yao Ming-sized receivers (and would still over-throw them). He’ll definitely change your dynamic if nothing else. But that’s OK….Boston area fans are super-flexible and patient, right?

  20. Great signing for the pats, especially given the contract. But let’s pump the breaks for a minute. Everyone is acting like the pats just sealed an 11-5 season. Cam Newton has been a very good quarterback, but he’s also been really inconsistent. You might want to see how the first few games shake out before popping your champagne, Boston.

  21. The money isn’t the question for SCam. It’s whether he will be able to maintain the fashion standard he set for himself in Charlotte.

  22. “But Newton realizes that peanuts now can lead to platinum later”

    ….and goes on to say if he plays well. That could be a pretty big “if”. It’ll be fun to watch, regardless. Or painful. Depends on your team favorite.

  23. Come on, Mike…that’s a lot of what ifs for a guy who seems unable to stay healthy, and for a league that may have a season without fans (which affects cash flow and potential salary cap). This Bills fan feels just fine. It isn’t the QB that makes the Pats dangerous, it is an elite head coach who loses coordinator after coordinator and doesn’t miss a beat. Not so sure that coach will get along with a diva QB.

  24. …Patriots fans have to be feeling great….

    I think you would find that most Pats fans are feeling the same way BB will be publicly feeling.

    We will see.

    Newton might not beat out Stidham, and he might not make the 53 man roster, or he might be Comeback Player of the Year. No matter how it turns out, they got him on the cheap, so why not?

  25. I felt like Newton or Winston would go to the Pats, and Newton was the better fit. I fully expect him to have a solid year assuming he is not injured.

  26. The AFC East is just as wide open as it was yesterday. The best quarterback in the league is gone and replaced with a 2nd tier QB. I’m a betting man, and I know Cam Newton and Patriots will not be as good as everyone hypes them to be.

  27. All 32 teams had the last 3 months to sign Cam Newton but didn’t, then all of the sudden the Pats sign him and the rest of the AFC East are worried? If his shoulder and feet and legs etc etc are healed, he will be good. Last time I saw him throw a football, it looked like he was throwing a shot put.

  28. What if Cam Newton balls out this year!? I haven’t seen it mentioned by anybody yet, but wouldn’t the Pats get a 3rd or 4th round compensatory pick if he left and signed a big contract after starting for the Pats? That would give them that third round pick they just lost from the league right back, so it’d be a win win situation for them.

  29. Brady was derided in New England as a “system” quarterback. Well, he was. It was a system designed by the greatest football mind ever to accommodate a quarterback whom another writer described as an “immobile vitamin salesman.” Now Belichick gets to design another “system,” with one of the most dynamic players in history, who, if healthy, is a nightmare for defensive coordinators. With the signing of a hungry, something-to-prove Cam Newton, the Patriots have become, once again, as always, a Super Bowl contender. The Belichick Dynasty rumbles on.

  30. If he doesn’t land the starters job I think we will see him sulking on the sidelines with a towel over his head pretty quickly……

  31. If Cam is healthy, this is the steal of the year (assuming they play). He was on pace for career passing efficiency numbers prior to the shoulder surgery in Norv Turner’s offense. I’m sure McDaniels can figure out to mold his offense around Cam and the passing won’t be all that different. I had a feeling it would be the Patriots after the Bears picked up Foles. As much as I hate this, I’m happy to see Cam get a real opportunity.

  32. Cam Newton is a 1 year rental. They wont franchise him next year and pay 34 million for a QB, thats not the Belichick way. In order for Cam to sign a longer term contract with the Patriots, Cam must: 1)win the starting job 2)perform well with no injuries AND 3) be willing to sign a team-friendly extension in the 20-something million range even though he is a free agent and will get better offers from worse teams. Otherwise, the will Patriots let him go to free agency and receive a 3rd round compensatory pick.

  33. If he can’t beat out Stidham for the starting job, teams will conclude he is done as a starter. He will get backup money.

  34. drugsdelaney says:

    June 28, 2020 at 9:28 pm

    Anyone else find it weird/ironic/coincidental that the Pats are involved in 100% of the NFL’s cheating scandals since 2000?

    The only thing that is weird/ironic/coincidental is that people remember things the Patriots have allegedly done because of their winning. There have many been others, such as the Atlanta Falcons piping in artificial noise intended to boost their homefield advantage, but few people think of that because the Falcons have been a largely unsuccessful team.

  35. “How are Dolphins, Bills, and Jets fans feeling tonight?”

    Bills fan here, feeling pretty good as a matter of fact. If Newton even gets on the field, he won’t be productive and he won’t stay healthy.

  36. Low risk high reward potential. That definitely sounds like a Billy B signing to me. If Cam flops the Patriots are out basically nothing. Provided we actually get football this year. 🤷‍♂️

  37. Very, very embarrassing deal. NE embarrasses itself with such a low bottom feeding offer. Wins the SB of lowball offers!

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