Cardinals’ Jermiah Braswell arrested for DUI

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Cardinals rookie receiver Jermiah Braswell was arrested for driving under the influence after police say he drove his car into Lake Erie on Saturday.

Police in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, say witnesses reported that a car moving very fast went off the road, off the embankment and into the lake. When officers arrived, Braswell was in the car and still attempting to drive.

The police report said Braswell had slurred speech, couldn’t explain how his car went into the water and was found on a breath test to have a blood alcohol content above the legal limit. No one else was in the car and no bystanders were injured.

Braswell grew up in Toledo, about 50 miles from Put-in-Bay, and played his college football at Youngstown State. He signed as an undrafted free agent with the Cardinals last month.

17 responses to “Cardinals’ Jermiah Braswell arrested for DUI

  1. It’s fortunate nobody was killed. I smell a well-deserved suspension coming along. When you’re that drunk and get behind a car you are endangering the lives of everyone around you. It’s not a good move. Also, the NFL has a program to keep them from drinking and driving yet players continue to ignore it. I get the feeling players will just continue to do this until one of them is killed. Maybe then they’ll realize how bad of an idea it is.

  2. Oh, he’s an undrafted free agent. Kiss your NFL career goodbye. I hope it was worth it.

  3. Shocker, another NFL player arrested, Well at least he didn’t have a gun.

  4. If I was him, my defense would be that I drove past a sign with the town name and I was just following the sign’s instructions.

  5. Too bad kid… the drinking and partying just destroyed your career. The Cardinals used a number 1st round pick on a talented receiver Michael Floyd… I hope this young man learns something from this.

  6. My first though was Jeremiah who? Then I saw he is an UDFA, still weird that I havent heard his name before today. Hope that ONE night of partying was worth it because he just threw his NFL Career away before it had a chance to start. AZ will cut him real quick, especially being he plays WR and Arizona is pretty loaded up on WR’s on the moment w/ a bunch of quality WR’s. They have 2-3 WR’s going into their 2nd seasons with the team. He’s as good as gone.

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