Jamal Adams salutes Bill Belichick for signing Cam Newton

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No employee of a New York sports team has tried to get out this hard since George Costanza hoped to be fired by the Yankees.

I salute Coach Bill Belichick for that!” Jets safety Jamal Adams tweeted on Sunday night after the Patriots signed quarterback Cam Newton. “That’s real. Congratulations Cam!”

Adams wants to be traded by the Jets to a new team. And he has been persistent in his effort to get out. His Sunday night tweet praising a division rival becomes the latest step in his quest for a new team.

13 responses to “Jamal Adams salutes Bill Belichick for signing Cam Newton

  1. A franchise QB just got signed for $7.5 million. I’m afraid that’s real too, Jamal, and probably not the kind you’re hoping for.

  2. Coach Bill Knows what it takes to win…

    3 QB’s on the roaster for under 5 Million.

    If Cam plays and has a great year you can franchise him or let him walk and take the 3 rd. compensatory pick Getting back the NFL took) and enter into the 2021 Draft looking for a new QB

    If Jarrett Stidham does beat out Cam what have you lost??? 1.5 Million

    In Bill we trust….

  3. Adams is like the next door neighbour that has his leaf blower going every morning at 7AM, you get to the point you wish he’d just be quiet. How much more pathetic could his stumping for a trade to NE and/or his lauding of Belichick been? “Oh Gee Coach!!! Could I worship at the feet of the mostest humanitarian coach ever in the history of the NFL?”

  4. I find it hard to believe Adams thinks this kind of garbage will help him get what he wants. He is getting some pretty bad advice from his agent. Really bad.

    Jets and their fans will be glad to see him leave, but he is going nowhere unless someone is willing to pay for him. Whoever buys him should take note he spells T-E-A-M will all “I’s.”

  5. I was surprised by this signing. I really thought BB wanted to go 11-5 with Stidham while losing his 3 best linebackers!!! He has been waiting for this season for a few years. He always does what he thinks is best for long-term & short-term. This does not bode well for the man trying to beat Father Time where most people try to beat Father Time….FLORIDA

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